\'The Walking Dead\' Cast Talk About the Intense Season 7! (VIDEO)
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The Walking Dead

‘The Walking Dead’ Cast Talk About the Intense Season 7! (VIDEO)


The anticipation for The Walking Dead Season 7's midseason premiere is swinging into high gear.

Check out the cast's take on the intense season!

Fans weren't too jazzed about TWD's Season 7A. We lost some of our favorite characters and then had to endure months of a fractured group (and equally fractured storylines).

The cast and crew have promised a drastically different second half and they've got some exciting things to say about it!

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In a video promo for IGN, the cast pointed out the utter defeat of the formerly fearless Rick at the hands of Negan and how incredibly important that downfall was to the story.

Andrew Lincoln detailed Rick's desperate belief that blindly obeying Negan would save the lives of his remaining survivors, as well as the events along the way that made him change his mind.

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Michonne actress Danai Gurira spelled out exactly what's been on everyone's mind for a long time now: Rolling over and playing dead just isn't in this group's nature.

She wonders how they will retake their power moving forward.

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Did you catch the new clips AMC snuck in between these interviews? We've seen Rick's passionate speech to King Ezekiel before, but the monarch's reactions have purposefully been left out. 

Now we get to see the two leaders together in the same room, and Zeke looks pretty overwhelmed by Rick's plea.

We also catch the slightest glimpse of what appears to be a Rick and Negan showdown.

This is all too suspenseful!

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