These Were Some of The Walking Dead’s Most Confusing Storylines
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The Walking Dead

These Were Some of The Walking Dead’s Most Confusing Storylines


The Walking Dead is the number one cable TV show for a reason, and you kind of have to think the writing and storylines play a part.

But these just made no sense.


What Happened to the Smart Walkers?

They used to pick up teddy bears, jiggle door handles, and smash in department store windows with rocks.


And we haven’t seen a bit of that intelligence since Season 1.

Where were the writers going with that?


Really? Nobody Cared to Go Back For Andrea?

OK, sure. The group was pretty angry with Andrea in Season 2 after she facilitated Beth’s suicide attempt, but this is the group that prides themselves on their “No Survivor Left Behind” mentality. These are the people that went back for Merle, after all.


Pretty convenient that they just up and decide to abandon Andrea when the plot needs a friend for Michonne…


Carl Kills With Impunity

Hershel wanted Rick to do something about Carl shooting a random boy in the face, but it largely went ignored.

While Carl did end up losing his gun a while, this was also during Rick’s gardening phase and no real consequences were dolled out.


In the end, Carl gets his gun back and maintains his “shoot first ask questions later” attitude — as evidenced by his kamikaze assassination attempt against Negan.


Carol: Angel of Death

We’re not quite sure why Carol decided to murder Karen and David.

Sure, she says it was because she wanted to put an end to the contagious disease sweeping the prison. And yes, the group has since decided that she was right… but how does that make sense?


Why wouldn’t she force them into quarantine or something first? At this point, Carol has already shown an aversion to losing survivors. That’s why she wanted Andrea to kill the Governor in his sleep and it’s why she secretly trained children to fight.

So why would murdering innocent people be her Plan A here?


Maggie Forgets She Has a Sister

From the moment they became separated at the prison, all Maggie could think about was Glenn. And that’s fine, he was gravely ill.

But once the two are reunited and Glenn is well, Maggie does nothing to try to find her missing sibling.


Even worse, she totally signs up to leave the entire state of Georgia with Abraham despite Daryl’s insistence that Beth was not dead but simply “gone.”

She loses it completely when she discovers Beth has died — but her death might have been prevented if people had looked for her sooner!


Jesus Keeps Too Many Secrets

Jesus is no dummy. He knew Negan had way more people than Rick was able to handle and he had to have known about the whole “I am Negan” thing.

He could have warned the group about the outposts, even if he didn’t know exactly where the Sanctuary was located.

Really, the entire war might have been avoided if he just shared some general info.


And it took waaay too long for him to introduce the group to King Ezekiel…


All of Richard’s Plans Were Illogical

He approaches the only two survivors on the entire show that refuse to kill and asks them for helping murdering Negan. He tries to get Carol killed by Saviors and steals a cantaloupe. All of his plans to spark a war are just straight nonsense.


The thing is, Richard knows Ezekiel’s people don’t know about the Saviors and their deal with the Kingdom. He could have spilled the beans to the knights, making them aware of the potential danger they are in and forcing the King’s hand.

But sure, buddy. Steal some fruit.

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