How to Recreate 12 ‘The Walking Dead’ Costumes for Halloween
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The Walking Dead

How to Recreate 12 ‘The Walking Dead’ Costumes for Halloween


Halloween is just around the corner and we’ve got the ultimate guide to your favorite The Walking Dead costumes.

From Rick, to Negan, and even Eugene — check out all the Amazon items you’ll need to recreate your fave survivors' iconic looks.

Just scroll through the article for 12 TWD character looks you can DIY. Click any item pictured within to be taken to the page where you can buy it now!

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Rick Grimes

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This khaki and black button-up runs between $10.99-29.95 and perfectly recreates the officer’s duds.


Rick’s beloved hat won’t break the bank at $9.99.


Every Ricktator needs their trusty python. Get this replica for $39.99.


Don’t forget the badge!


Bonus! This costume can double as Rick’s partner Shane and Stranger Thing’s Sheriff Hopper!


Daryl Dixon

Daryl and His Bow in The Walking Dead Season 6 Premiere.
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This biker button-up comes with the sleeves already cut off… convenient!


Grab Daryl’s angel wings vest for $45.99


Recreate the Archer’s deadly crossbow with this realistic replica.


Bonus! Add this burn scar makeup appliance for Dwight’s Daryl-wannabe phase!



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Pick up this steampunk halter top to recreate Michonne’s dusty corset look.


Or go easy on your wallet with this tank top instead.


These boots are already distressed so you’ll look like you’ve been on the run for months.


This toy katana comes with a sheath so you can get down on the dance floor in fighting style.



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Recreate Maggie’s Terminus look with this maroon top.


This thigh holster and gun runs an affordable $16.04


Complete the look with these stylish lace-up boots.



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For a DIY Season 1 throwback pick up this plaid button up.


Top it off with this red baseball cap for $8.95.


And keep your buddies safe from the horde with this toy walkie talkie set.



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Become the ultimate villain with this zippered leather jacket.


Tie your look together with this red bandana for $5.99.


Pick up a Lucille replica and swing away.


Carl Grimes

Carl Grimes TWD_705_GP_0620_0084-RT

This blue-checkered shirt doubles as everyday clothes post-Halloween.


Add a gory touch to Carl’s eye dressing with this bloody bandage kit.


Didn’t we tell you this Sheriff’s hat could do anything?


Carol Peletier

Carol Bakes Cookies in The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 12
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Look at the flowers… on this sweet button-up shirt.


Recreate Carol’s cookie-baking cardigan.


This shaped wallet puts Carol’s brass knuckled knife in your pocket at all times.


Just add cookies!


Tom Payne as Jesus on AMC’s The Walking Dead
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This long leather duster is great for zombie fighting and ninja tricks.


Jesus’s leather gloves run for $14.99.


Cover that glorious hair with this cozy grey beanie.


Abraham Ford

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Prepare for battle with this olive drab tank.


Be prepared for anything with these military cargo pants.


Pick up Abe’s dog tags for $9.99.


Kick butt and take names with this replica assault rifle.


Rosita Espinosa

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Show some leg with these olive drab shorts.


Pick up this sleeveless racerback crop top and maybe hit the gym after Halloween?


You’ll need to DIY this button-up top a bit. Cut off the sleeves and tie it up for Rosita’s sexy look.


Finish the ensemble with this khaki baseball cap for $10.99.



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This pin-striped button-up transitions from block party to the office.


Take the boy scout preparedness pledge with this cargo pocket vest.


Don’t forget the fake scientist’s famous mullet! Get it here for $12.97.


Grab these iconic duds and rock your next Halloween party or cosplay event!


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The Walking Dead premieres Sunday, October 22 at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.