An Amazing ‘Walking Dead’ Fan Theory Unlocks Daryl’s Secret Message To Rick
Daryl in The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 14
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The Walking Dead

An Amazing ‘Walking Dead’ Fan Theory Unlocks Daryl’s Secret Message To Rick


In the mega fourth episode of the current season of The Walking Dead we saw Daryl briefly reunited with his friends and family at Alexandria after being ruthlessly kidnapped and tortured by Negan and his motley crew.

Our gang clearly cared about the archer’s condition, but alas, Daryl never spoke a single word during his short visit. Or did he?

According to this theory found on, Daryl may have said a whole heck of a lot.

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When Mr. Dixon first sets foot inside the gates of his former home he appears disheveled, neglected, and shellshocked.

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Rick tries to speak to his friend in need only to have Negan immediately shut it down.

Daryl Aims His Crossbow in The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 6
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But Daryl has been a survivor from near birth. He’s a hunter and tracker, knowing his way around the woods like the back of his hand long before the cities fell.

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So the resourceful biker fell back on this knowledge in order to send Rick an incredibly important message.

Fans have taken notice of Daryl’s rapid eye-blinking during the scene, some simply attributing the behavior to trauma. But other intrepid fans have recognized a pattern in those eye blinks using none other than morse code.

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According to this theory, Daryl’s eyes spell out “I E A S T” or “I am East,” revealing to Rick the direction of the Saviors’ secret Sanctuary.

Morse Code Michonne

Sound like a stretch? Maybe. But this Morse Code guide prominently framed at the start of the episode sure lends some credence to the idea.

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