Do You Remember These ‘Walking Dead’ Deaths From Season 1?
Walking Dead deaths, Amy, Emma Bell
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The Walking Dead

Do You Remember These ‘Walking Dead’ Deaths From Season 1?


It’s been a long, bloody road for Rick Grimes & Co. on The Walking Dead as they try to find safety among scary “walkers” and even scarier fellow survivors.

The AMC series debuted to strong ratings in 2010 and has only gotten more popular, quickly becoming a cable TV phenomenon.

But a lot has happened in the past 70 episodes — Glenn’s supposed “death” being the most talked-about of late — so we’re testing your memory of the early “Days Gone Bye.”

Below are photos of four significant deaths from the first season. Scope ‘em out and see if you can remember the identities of these dearly departed and the circumstances around their demises. If not, you can find the answer for each below the image.

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Walking Dead deaths, Amy
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Amy, Andrea’s sister, was the first character (and will likely be the only character) to die looking for toilet paper. While the survivors eat dinner, Amy excused herself to use the bathroom in Dale’s RV. When she poked her head out to ask where to find more tissue, a walker bit into her tissue, and she died from blood loss. Then Andrea shot her in the head once she started to reanimate.

Walking Dead deaths, Jim
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Where do you go to find an auto mechanic during a zombie apocalypse? That question used to be easier to answer while Jim was alive. The greaser was bitten in the stomach in the same zombie siege that claimed Amy’s life but died not from the wound but from the ensuing infection. At least, we think that’s what happened. Last time we saw him, he was left by the side of the road to die.

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Walking Dead deaths, Ed Peletier
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Didn’t Ed Peletier ever hear of “safety in numbers”? During the aforementioned dinner, Carol’s abusive ex-husband lies in his tent, nursing his wounds (from being beaten up by Shane). He thinks someone is causing a ruckus outside the tent so opens the flap to yell at ‘em. Big mistake. After the zombies kill him, Carol takes a pick axe to his brain to prevent reanimation.

Walking Dead deaths, Candace Jenner
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Dr. Candace Jenner aka “Test Subject 19” was the head researcher at the Center For Disease Control, working alongside her husband. By the time our gang of survivors reached the CDC headquarters in Atlanta, Candace had been infected and shot in the head by her husband, Edwin, who tried to use her death to find a cure.

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How’d ya do? Do these deaths still haunt you, or have these early casualties decomposed into obscurity?

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.

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