‘The Walking Dead’ Exec Puts Our Minds at Ease Over Dwight’s Intentions
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The Walking Dead

‘The Walking Dead’ Exec Puts Our Minds at Ease Over Dwight’s Intentions


The Walking Dead fans (and Daryl... and Tara) might not trust Dwight just yet.

But executive producer Greg Nicotero might be able to put everyone's mind at ease.


At the end of Season 7, Episode 14 “The Other Side,” Dwight approached a desperate and angry Rosita and the screen went to black.


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Over the course of the Season 7’s remaining episodes we would go on to see Rosita bring Dwight back to Alexandria with her, where he would offer his assistance to the rebels in order to bring Negan down.


The group tentatively accepted Dwight’s help, though not all of them fully trusted the double agent just yet.


During the Season 7 finale, Daryl discovered a carved figure that had “Didn’t Know” written on it. But the big question here, of course, is what exactly did the carver claim ignorance to?


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Greg confirms Dwight is the one who knocked over the tree, blocking the road and delaying the Saviors’ approach on Alexandria.


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So he does have the group’s interests at heart, or so it would seem.


While we previously pondered that Dwight had meant to say he didn’t know Sasha was zombified in the coffin — Greg believes the note might have been sending a different message.


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It might have been a reference to Negan’s insistence that Rick pay for his actions with the death of his son, Carl, Greg tells Yahoo! In a recent interview.

“I think what he was saying is that he didn’t realize that there was a plan B.”


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He also defends Dwight’s actions, putting him squarely on the side of the good guys by pointing out the double-crosser never did anything to put the good guys in any direct danger.

“You never really see Dwight firing the gun in that episode at anybody. We kept it purposely vague, but he needs Daryl and everybody there to know that he’s still on their side.”


So if you’re still uneasy about Rick’s latest ally, you can relax. Greg says we can trust this guy.


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