There\'s Just One Thing The Walking Dead\'s Jeffrey Dean Morgan Wishes He Could Change About Negan
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The Walking Dead

There’s Just One Thing The Walking Dead’s Jeffrey Dean Morgan Wishes He Could Change About Negan


Everyone’s favorite The Walking Dead villain Negan has done some pretty horrendous things — so how does Jeffrey Dean Morgan cope?

The actor opened up on the one thing he hates most about playing the iconic slugger.

The answer will surprise you.


When asked at a recent San Diego Comic-Con panel what he liked and disliked about his iconic character, Jeffrey let it all out.


Surprisingly, Negan’s colorful language didn’t make either list.


Neither did Negan’s icky habit of randomly killing people simply to make a point.


Jeffrey seems strangely OK with that…


There’s also the villainous leader’s terrible mistreatment of women.


Negan’s harem of wives could give any actor pause for concern, but Jeffrey never mentions it.


The 51-year-old actor admitted to enjoying the charming villain’s dad jokes.


“I think he's got a great sense of humor. And in these dark days, a sense of humor will help you get through,” per


But what does Jeffrey hate most? Negan’s instantly recognizable wardrobe.


“What do I like least about him? That he wears a leather jacket on a 120-degree day.”

Fair enough.


So there you have it, Jeffrey loves dad jokes and hates leather jackets.


He is just so tragically uncool and we love him for it.


The Walking Dead premieres Sunday, October 22 at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.