\'TWD\' Star Lennie James on Morgan\'s Deep Relationship With Carol
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‘TWD’ Star Lennie James on Morgan’s Deep Relationship With Carol


The Walking Dead's Morgan and Carol started as polar opposites, but have since come around to seeing each other's side.

Morgan portrayer Lennie James opens up about their "deep" relationship.

Despite their characters' very rough start, the British actor has nothing but respect for Melissa McBride.

“No character on our show epitomizes that more than Carol and what Melissa has done with that character," Lennie tells International Business Times UK. 

"She’s completely transformed from the battered and frail housewife to a ninja killer. The best warrior that we have." 


Carol Confronts Morgan in The Walking Dead Season 6 Midseason Finale
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It's that evolution that makes them such a good match, he implies. "Consequently, putting her together with Morgan who’s [also] gone through his transformations means that as an audience, we’re aware of their history and what’s possible between them.”

Since their initial feud, Carol has started to subscribe to Morgan's "Life above all else" way of thinking, while Morgan became willing to kill again in order to save Carol's life.

Lennie admires the writers' ability to show such character growth. “One of the huge pleasures of being on the show is the complexities of the characters and what happens when certain characters are put together," he says. 

Morgan and Carol in The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 2
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"Our show has the benefit of characters being able to change, being able to grow and be different than they were two seasons ago.”

That and the kickass battles, Lennie.

So what exactly is in store for these two? Well, that's a secret...for now. But Lennie promises it will be deeply intriguing. 

“I love what the writers are doing with the relationship between Morgan and Carol because it is complex, it is possibly deep. It could go well or it could really go wrong, and both of the consequences of that would be really interesting.”

Carol Falls in The Walking Dead Season 6 Midseason Finale
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No matter what happens, we know Carol will remain one of the most interesting and entertaining characters on the entire show.

Because Carol is Queen.

Carol Bakes Cookies in The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 12
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