Melissa McBride Discusses Whether Carol Will Join the Fight in \'TWD\'
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Melissa McBride Discusses Whether Carol Will Join the Fight in ‘TWD’


Carol has been working hard to avoid violence, but the resistance could force her back into the fray.

Melissa McBride opens upa bout what we can expect from her character in The Walking Dead Season 7B.

Carol has grappled with the violence of the apocalypse for a long time now. Her struggles have led her to break away from the group on more than one occasion, but she's always been willing to come back to the fold (and the fight) when the going got particularly tough.

With the war against Negan and his Saviors on the way Carol may have to kill again...but will she be willing?

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Melissa compares Carol's dilemma to her former experience with spousal abuse. The actress sees similarities in the lack of control in both situations, pointing out that the apocalypse dictates only one mode of survival: killing.

"When I think of where she’s come from, with a controlling, abusive husband, and then being in a world that is suddenly dictating only one way to survive, I think there is sort of a taking back her own control in a way and saying, 'I want to get back to myself and understand what’s going on here. Is there another way? I don’t want anybody to tell me. I can figure this out by myself.'"

Carol Is Injured in The Walking Dead Season 6 Finale
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OK, so Carol just wants to explore what it means to survive in this brave, new world and she wants to do it alone. Fair enough.

But the warrior's voluntary separation from the group has left her in the dark for a long time, ignorant of the deaths of Glenn and Abraham.

Melissa tells that's just the way housewife likes it. "I think there is maybe a part of Carol that — for that very reason — doesn’t want to know. Because she knows how she is. All the more reason not to put herself in the midst of all that."

Carol Disguised as a Wolf in The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 2
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Carol hasn't been completely isolated from people, of course. Season 7A saw the beginnings of a couple beautiful friendships.

She and Morgan were once at odds over their tightly held beliefs, but they've gone through a reversal of sorts. 

Melissa compares their similar emotional journies. "There’ll be more interactions with her and Morgan, talking about how we’re just trying to understand this world, their perspectives and how their points of view can fit into this world."

Carol Confronts Morgan in The Walking Dead Season 6 Midseason Finale
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As for Queen Carol's budding relationship with King Ezekiel, Melissa sees a lot of potential for bonding between the two royals.

"For the character of Carol, just to sit with somebody who you realize they’ve been playing all along, too, putting on this face all along — just to let it all go and take it off for a minute, there was something that just felt wonderful and safe."

But don't expect things to move quickly between the pair. Those emotions are the very thing set Carol on the run.

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"Just for those few moments to be with someone who’s just laying it all out — and, also, reading you very well. Even though it was maybe something she didn’t want to hear because she knows it’s true. That conversation was really important — like, 'Yeah, OK, you too? Me too. Too close. Gotta go!'"

But we aren't worried, Zeke is persistent. He'll break through that wall eventually, girl!

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Despite her character's flaws, Melissa is proud of Carol's strength and emotional progress. 

She had high praise for all the women of the show, "They are such powerhouse actresses and so inspiring to watch. It makes me happy to see these arcs that we’re seeing, because they’re really saving the day."

Her powerful words then took a slight political bent, and it's everything we need to hear right now.

Maggie and Carol on the Kill Floor in The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 13
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"As it should be in this world, no matter where you come from or who you are, you have every opportunity to rise up and be the leader, be your own leader and not compromise your vulnerability — because if you’re not an empathetic human being, there’s a lot you just don’t know."

Preach, girl, preach.

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