‘The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus Now Has a Complete Set of Breast Implants (VIDEO)
Norman Reedus at San Diego Comic Con on July 11, 2015
Credit: Ethan Miller/Getty Images    

The Walking Dead

‘The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus Now Has a Complete Set of Breast Implants (VIDEO)


If you were thinking of getting The Walking Dead star Norman Reedus, aka Daryl Dixon, a gift in honor of the sixth season of his hit show starting one month from today, then don’t get him a breast implant.

Why, you ask? Because the 46-year-old already has two — yes, two — of those in his possession, thanks to a duo of particularly dedicated and devoted fans.

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Norman’s ownership of one breast implant is well documented (he uses it as a cell phone cradle, in case you were wondering) but the Florida native recently revealed to Entertainment Weekly that implant No. 1 now has a friend. How fun!

“That’s two for me, on the show,” he told the publication at a recent photoshoot ahead of The Walking Dead Season 6.

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Now that he has a pair, is he aiming to acquire even more? You better believe it!

“I just want to collect breast implants. I’m going to take them out of all the women’s bodies and just make a giant pile of them and lay my head on them,” he added. “So, yeah — send more breast implants.”

You heard the man, ladies!

The Walking Dead Season 6 premieres with a 90-minute episode on October 11 at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.