\'The Walking Dead\' Season 6 Episode, 11 Recap: Say Hi to Hilltop
Maggie Aims Her Gun in The Walking Dead Season 6 Midseason Finale
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The Walking Dead

‘The Walking Dead’ Season 6 Episode, 11 Recap: Say Hi to Hilltop


*Warning: The Walking Dead comic book SPOILERS referenced throughout!*

In The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 11, "Knots Untie," our group’s new frenemy Jesus, played by Tom Payne, said the world is about to get a lot bigger, and he wasn't lying. The skilled fighter introduced our survivors to his community, The Hilltop Colony, including its a—hole of a leader, Gregory, portrayed by actor Xander Berkeley.

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Abraham and His Ladies

The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 11 Promo STILL

The hour opens with Abraham Ford wooing the ladies. First he’s flirting with Sasha on patrol and wondering about how Magglenn will raise their “pup,” but once Sasha tells him she’s switching posts, he’s back in Rosita Espinosa’s arms.

Later, Abe asks Glenn about his decision to become a dad via a really disturbing/funny pancake metaphor. It’s clear this guy is struggling with something.

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Praise Jesus

Jesus Stands By Himself in The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 10
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Jesus proves he’s a force to be reckoned with when he escapes his holding cell — “knots untie,” he explains — and winds up in Rick Grimes’s house. Carl Grimes catches him first, but Maggie GreeneGlenn RheeDaryl Dixon, and Abraham aren’t far behind.

As an added bonus, when everyone sees a practically naked Rick and Michonne emerge from Rick’s room, the Richonne cat is definitely out of the bag.

Jesus sits Rick and the others down and tells them about his community. He explains his idea for the communities to support one another and says the only way he can prove he’s legit it by taking them to the place he calls home.

“Both of you looked like trouble,” Jesus says of Rick and Daryl. “I was wrong, you’re both good people."

Pregnant Maggie, who’s been worried about Alexandria’s dwindling food supply, is eager to find out what this is all about, and the aforementioned people (minus Carl, who decides to stay behind) board the RV and head out for Jesus’s home.

“Your world’s about to get a whole lot bigger,” Jesus concludes.

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More Survivors

Daryl Looks Worried in The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 11
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Not long into their trip, the RV stumbles upon an overturned car and Jesus says it was filled with his people, who’ve now fled but couldn’t have gone far.

Worried it might be a trap, Rick puts Maggie on Jesus watch as the others go inside a nearby building to investigate.

They find several survivors — Abraham almost kills some dude named Freddy — and usher them into the RV.  Coincidentally, one of them, a fella named Dr. Carson, used to be an obstetrician.

“That’s the Hilltop”

Jesus Looks Up in The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 10
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Despite a rough start, Jesus ushers the group into Hilltop and gives them a tour, including taking them inside an old mansion-turned-museum that now serves as the linchpin for their civilization.

Inside this manse they meet Gregory, who insists Rick and the others clean up before talking to him.

Despite laying low for a good chunk of the season thus far, Maggie shows us her worth by proving to be an expert negotiator. She holds her own against pompous Gregory, who tells her Alexandria will “fall apart” without food and suggests her people work for meals from Hilltop like indentured servants.

“We need each other,” she argues, casually throwing in the fact that Hilltop has zero weapons. Gregory and “Natalie’s” — what the Hilltop heavyweight calls Maggie — first talk doesn’t go exactly as planned, but that’s all about to change.

“Circumstances change,” Jesus forewarns while asking for a few days to change Gregory’s mind.

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Negan’s Near

Negan and Lucille on Issue 100 Cover

Some Hilltop folks return with bad news — the “drop” they’d given Negan was too light and he’s already killed one of their people and is holding another, named Craig, hostage.

Ethan, one of the returning folks, says he’s come back with a message from Negan and lunges towards Gregory, stabbing him in the stomach. He survives.

Our group reacts quickly and after a brief tussle, Rick kills Ethan. Before an all-out war ensues Jesus calls for an end to the madness and insists things are “more complicated” than they seem.

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“The Boogieman, He Ain’t Sh

Daryl  in The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 11
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Curios about this Negan fella he keeps hearing about, Rick presses Jesus for details.

Turns out the mega-villain beat a 16-year-old Hilltop resident named Rory to death because the people of The Hilltop “needed to understand, right off the bat,” and now he and the Saviors require half of Hilltop’s resources in exchange for not killing them.

Good arrangement, right?

Daryl chimes in and says he killed some Savoirs a few weeks ago without an issue — “we have no problem with confrontation” — and proposes his group kill the big bad in exchange for help from The Hilltop.

Danger, Will Robinson!

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Maggie Makes Her Move

Maggie Fires a Gun in The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 2
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Read to deal with the “real prick” that is Gregory, Maggie’s clearly got the upper hand as she enters the Game of Thrones-esque suite doubling as his recovery room.

She proposes Hilltop give Alexandria food in exchange for Craig (the Hilltop hostage) and Negan’s head on a platter.

But that’s not all, our girl wants “half of everything you have, right now,” and she gets it.

“See I have leverage,” she quips. That’s our girl!

In the comics Mags ultimately becomes the leader of Hilltop, but she also loses Glenn Rhee to Negan. We’re crossing our fingers the show doesn’t follow the later half, but Glenn’s long-term survival is looking less and less likely.

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Baby Gleggie

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Once she’s finished kicking Gregory’s ass, Maggie gets her sonogram promised to her by Dr. Carson and, with Glenn by her side, sees their baby for the first time.

On the way back to Alexandria, everyone passes around the ultrasound photo and all is right in the world… for now.

The Walking Dead Season 6 airs Sunday nights at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.

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