\'The Walking Dead\' Season 6 Episode 12 Recap: Carol and Maggie Need Saviors
Carol in The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 12
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The Walking Dead

‘The Walking Dead’ Season 6 Episode 12 Recap: Carol and Maggie Need Saviors


*Warning: The Walking Dead comic book SPOILERS referenced throughout!*

Carol Peletier’s (Melissa McBride) cookie crumbled in a serious way in The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 12, "Not Tomorrow Yet." And by Carol we also mean "Caryl." Apparently only one popular ‘ship can sail at a time. Tobin (Jason Douglas), you are entering a world of pain. You may even need a savior more than Carol and Maggie Greene (Lauren Cohan), who were just captured.

Maybe now they'll pair Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) with Rosita Espinosa (Christian Serratos), since that dingleberry Abraham Ford (Michael Cudlitz) just dropped her COLD like last week's Bisquick. Or Daryl and Jesus (Tom Payne) can make out. Whatever. Dang romance novel.

Lauren and Gregory in The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 11
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In the March 6 episode, Team Alexandria, led by Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln), had a church meeting where The Ricktator rallied the troops to fight The Saviors. Morgan Jones (Lennie James) voiced concerns, but — sadly — he has lost his credibility, and now the group is more likely to take advice from Father Gabriel Stokes (Seth Gilliam) or even baby Judith.

But this time Morgan may have been right. Our group is getting cocky. They are too used to quick success. They are flying "Mission Accomplished" banners before even fully understanding the enemy. They have forgotten that they are not the only ones who know how to adapt and survive. It’s good to see TWD reminding our group of their fallibility because, otherwise, the stakes don’t exist. "Of course they’ll win, they always win," is not a compelling story.

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The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 12 Sneak Peek STILL

Even though our group seemed to win this battle, killing a bunch of Saviors, they lost ground in the larger war for a better tomorrow. Pregnant Maggie is a key symbol of that war, and she and Carol were somehow taken by the enemy. This has happened to them before, if you recall — Maggie and Glenn Rhee (Steven Yeun) were taken to Woodbury in Season 3, and Carol was hit by a car and taken to Grady as part of that awful storyline in Season 5. Everything old is recycled again. 

What a bloodbath, though. Poor Glenn. And Heath (Corey Hawkins). They both popped their murder cherries. Glenn's first-ever kill, in six seasons, and how many did he end up killing by the end?


Maggie and Carol were not captured in the comic, and a lot of things are playing out in slightly different ways. Abraham was apparently stabbed on TV, but he's alive. He had a pretty cool death around this time in the comic, getting shot with a crossbow by Dwight — whom we did meet back with Daryl earlier this season. Eugene Porter (Josh McDermitt)  was then taken hostage, but he fought his way out in the awesomest, most unexpected way, and it would actually be great to see him get to do that on TV. We’ll see.

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Daryl Sits on a Car in The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 12
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Now we have to see how our crew can get Maggie and Carol back. Do the captors know Maggie is pregnant? Would they care? And Carol. We’ve seen so much of kill-or-be-killed Carol this season, but she has a heart and she has a soul, and all of those deaths clearly mean something to her. It would be cool if Morgan could save her, to try and forge a bond and find common ground between their ideologies. He needs to justify himself at this point, and even though Daryl and Glenn will want to jump in and save the day, they have been heroic enough. Let someone new step up for once. Maybe Jesus? Carol and Maggie need a savior, and he has the right name for the job.


Read on for a full recap of Episode 612:

Morgan Looks Concerned in The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 7
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The episode opens like a sitcom, with bouncy music and Carol picking up supplies and acorns and casually killing a walker in the woods — getting her blouse all bloody — then making cookies and passing around food. Suburban life with Carol. She visits Tobin. He deserves cookies. She foraged a lot of acorns, and beets. He's not a beet guy but she quips, "Can you just put it in your mouth, jerk?" Is this Carol flirting? It's the best beet and acorn cookie he's ever eaten. Is he screwing with her? No, they're amazing. If she ever says "Screw around?" to him, my heart will break.

But flirt time is put on pause when the group returns in the RV. Carol asks Rick what's going on. "We're gonna have to fight." Well, no. They don't HAVE to, not yet anyway. They could let the Saviors come to them and retain home field advantage. Morgan creeps up on Carol and says it's been weeks since they talked. Why didn't she tell Rick? Tara, Rosita, Eugene. Why didn't they? Carol told them to keep quiet. She wants them to forget it and move past it. Morgan doesn't want her to carry that. It's kind of like she did it too. She says no it's not. He should go. Carol wanted to keep living the dream, but ... At least she left a cookie on Sam's grave. That's sweet. It's not sweet that the kid was terrified into panicking at the worst time, based on The Cookie Monster's previous speech, but ... 

Rick says Maggie worked ut a deal with Hilltop and gets Alexandria caught up on The Saviors. He says eventually the Saviors would find them, but -- by then, low on food -- they'd lose. This is the only way they can be sure they win. They do it for the Hilltop, it's how they feed this place. It has to be a group decision, though, so he opens it to the group. Morgan asks if he's sure they can do it, that we can beat them. Morgan says they just have to tell them that, give them a way out. Rick shoots it back. He didn't want to hear any arguments, he's just ready to shoot down other ideas. Rick says Morgan wants to approach the Saviors and talk to them first, does anyone agree? He's so patronizing about it, though, who would dare speak up? Aaron says they won't let anything happen to this place again. Rick says they have to kill all of the Saviors, they can't let any of them live. This is a quick decision based on people they have never met.

In the middle of the night we see her writing in some kind of journal, circling the number 18. Is that the number of people she has killed?

Maggie tells Glenn it wasn't her idea but she led the group into this, so she has to go. 

Carol walks around smoking, and talks to Tobin. He wants a cig but she calls him an a--hole. why can't she just have this conversation with Daryl? This exact conversation? There hasn't ben enough build-up with Tobin. He says what she does, her strength, can be scary. "You're a mom to most of the people here." To him too? "No. You're something else to me." They kiss.

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He's breaking up with her? This quickly turns into a fight. She doesn't want him to go and punches at him. He gets cruel in response: "When I met you, I thought you were the last woman on earth. You're not.' Yikes. On top of that, Eugene is there. Of course. You know, Abe is lucky to get any action, especially from a woman like Rosita. Didn't he just say she was damn near perfection? Poor Rosita deserves better than both of these clowns.

Tara tells Denise she loves her. Denise says she'll say it back when Tara returns. Uh oh. Foreshadowing? Tara and Heath are going out on their thing, which does not sound promising. These two have a sweet kiss, too.

Rick says they're going to walk right in, with the plan of giving them Gregory's head.

Dr. Denise Kisses Tara in The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 5
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Father Gabriel and Rick have a nice moment, talking about why he's still wearing his priest garb. Rosita seems to call Morgan a "puta" and tells Carol she almost outed him at the meeting for acting like they don't know what they're doing. Carol defended Morgan, kind of. She seems to be speaking more about herself, though, saying he doesn't want to kill. She seems to be having an existential crisis, perhaps because of Sam and Jessie.

Neither one of them has had to kill a human before. They've been lucky. Good point. This can't be easy. Heath asks if he's nervous. Yeah. For the whole thing. Maybe they should've spoken up at the meeting. They have good perspectives.

Carol tells Rick that Maggie should not be there. Not your call. Not Rick's call. And then Rick punches some heads to make them look like Gregory. Love that they have Gregory head auditions! The Saviors are scary, Hilltop guys says, "but this prick's got nothing on you." Is that a good thing?

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In the comic, The Saviors were at a factory. This time, at night, the group visits an observatory of some kind, filled with guys who like to drop insults as much as Abraham. They play with the fake Gregory head. Basically, the zombie apocalypse will be run by preteen boys. While one guy is whistling "happy birthday," Daryl slits his throat. Not-so-happy birthday, then. It's a great ambush by our team, well choreographed. Rick, Michonne, Glenn, Rosita, Aaron, Heath, Daryl, Abraham, Sasha, go inside. Carol, Maggie, Tara, FG, etc. are back with their stuff. VERY tense scene. How is no one waking up as our crew goes inside? Are they that easy to kill? 

Glenn and Heath prepare for their first kills, of sleeping men who apparently are DEEP sleepers. Glenn does it and looks tortured by it. Does it really make a squishy sound when you stab someone's head? Glenn stops Heath. He'll let Heath stay pure. Oh, Glenn. Still a hero, even after being a killer. Forever my hero. We see Polaroid photos of smashed heads. Glenn looks at them. LUCILLE FORESHADOWING. NEGAN DID THAT.

Glenn Looks Serious in The Walking Dead Season 6 Midseason Premiere
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Tara and FG have a conversation in the car. Jesus is in the backseat. (No taking the wheel.) Tara says she lied to her girlfriend to cover something up. She does love, Denise, though. "So you know what you're fighting for."

Inside, Abe — with a durag? — tussles with one of The Saviors. He gets stabbed and they set off an alarm. So much for the element of surprise. Dingleberry. Did he find weed?

An alarm goes off, so Carol an Maggie know there's trouble. Carol yells at Maggie that she's staying there. Not your call, Everyone-But-Tobin's-Mom. Carol says Maggie needs to be someone else. But that's not Maggie. Maggie doesn't sit back and let others fight. She knows what she's fighting for, too.

Jesus covers his face and goes stealth mode to go inside and try to save everyone. We see Aaron in a fight with one of the Saviors, whom he stabs. So much for your master plan, Rick. It's a massive shootout. Holy crap. Glenn and Heath hole up in the armory and shoot the bejeezus out of a door, then look behind to see the result. It's a pile of bodies. Well, they are both killers now. One person aimed to shoot them, but Jesus took him out. "This is the next world." 

Even FG is out in the field now. He tells one of the Saviors to drop it. FG quotes the bible at him, then shoots. Amen. Has he killed before, like literally taken a life as opposed to letting others die? Everyone is killing for the first time tonight. Was it worth it?

Jesus Crosses His Arms in The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 11
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It's the next morning when they find their way out. Heath still wants to head out directly from there. It feels like it'll be the last time he sees Glenn, whether because Heath dies or Glenn does. Love this song we're hearing. Hozier's "Arsonist's Lullabye." Michonne wanted to know which one was Negan. Some guy shows up on Daryl's bike. We hear a woman's voice, telling them to lower their weapons. "We have a Carol and a Maggie. Guess that's something you'll want to chat about." Still the Saviors? One of Negan's wives? Dwight and Sherry?

It’s a Trap

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