\'The Walking Dead\' Season 6 Episode 13 Recap: We Are All Negan in \'The Same Boat\'
Maggie and Carol in The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 13 The Same Boat

The Walking Dead

‘The Walking Dead’ Season 6 Episode 13 Recap: We Are All Negan in ‘The Same Boat’


Last week’s episode of The Walking Dead Season 6 left Carol Peletier (Melissa McBride) and Maggie Greene (Lauren Cohan) needing saviors. This week’s Episode 13, "The Same Boat," showed that they are the saviors. And they are the killers. They are Negan. We are all Negan. Or the Saviors are all Negan. And yet none of them are really Negan, because Jeffrey Dean Morgan is not showing his very fine self until the season finale.

The Walking Dead Volume 17 We Are All Negan

Why was that TWD comic book quote dropped into this character-driven, plot-light episode, in this context? Probably to show that everyone in this blossoming war has some Negan to them.

On that note, Carol and Maggie both went full Terminus queens tonight. Pregnant Maggie went so hard it shocked even Carol. This is not who Carol wants Maggie to be, remember? Maggie doesn't want to be that woman either. There's a fine line between hero and villain. 

Carol also returned to stealth/beast mode, and played the Saviors like sad little violins. Fans may cheer, but Carol told Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) she's not good. She doesn't want to be the Angel of Fiery Death anymore. She doesn't want to be Paula (Alicia Witt). She doesn't want to be Negan. She wants to evolve into Carol 6.0, the light-hearted "mom" who takes care of people and makes beet-and-acorn cookies and stops adding names to a kill list. She wants to be more like Morgan Jones (Lennie James) than she probably knew.  

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Whether these are the people they want to be or not, Carol and Maggie just slayed the game — and they did it in the Sunday after International Women’s Day, which seems appropriate. They rescued themselves at the end of Episode 13, and were reunited with the group that planned to save them. So we can take a moment to applaud the combined awesomeness of our own Thelma and Louise (who didn’t even need to drive off a cliff).

Thelma and Louise gif

However, as tempting as it is to shout for “girl power,” did we stop to marvel that the Daryl, Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln), and Jesus (Tom Payne) road trip focused mostly on men? No, because we’ve had many male-centric episodes (even though "guys can't handle pain"). It’s more rare to have an episode dominated by multiple women — Saviors and Alexandrites — but maybe from now on we’ll get more such episodes and accept them as the norm instead of singling one out as some kind of special anomaly.

Still, it is good to see Maggie finally getting her own individual storyline, even if… well, let’s not worry about that yet.

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In terms of the overall storyline of 6B, what are the repercussions of this situation? The Saviors now know our group is as badass as they come, and they’ll be ready to continue this cycle of violence. It's war.


Read on for a full recap of Episode 613:

The Walking Dead Episode 13 Sneak Peek STILL

We pick up the action from the end of last week's episode, this time seeing things from the perspective of Carol, Maggie, and the other Saviors. Carol insists that Maggie stays there. Alicia Witt's Savior gets the jump on them while Maggie was trying to put someone down. Maggie gets called "murderous b-tch," which isn't very polite. Hershel would NOT approve. 

Rick wants to trade, the Saviors guy (Primo?) for Maggie and Carol. Carol pretends to be scared. Maggie doesn't follow suit. Carol doesn't want to give intel, she's back in Fake It Till You Make It mode. You can tell the Saviors know what they're talking about. They've taken on more than eight before, and she (Paula) recognized Rick's gun type from that distance. The guy in the group wishes they had shot Carol right away. Another girl ('Chelle) cals Rick a "smug prick" who thinks they must be stupid, but Paula thinks that's a good thing. Let him underestimate them. Meanwhile, she's about to underestimate Maggol. Or Caggie?

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Carol and Maggie are covered in hoods so they can't see where they are being taken. Apparently it's a safe house that one of the women (Molls, with the awesome thick accent) hates 'cause there's nothing safe about it. Witt's character, Paula, is a bit of a smug prick herself, telling Carol there isn't a way out of this unless she says so. Well. We'll see. When Paula leaves, Maggie immediately gets to work trying to save herself, trying to get the bandages undone. Carol takes a different approach; she finds some rosary beads and works up some hysterical tears. FULL MERYL STREEP. Give her an Oscar. She keeps heaving as a guy is brought into the safe house, one of theirs, in pain. Maggie gets Paula's attention and says Carol is hyperventilating so they need to take her gag off. Accent woman Molls calls Carol "a nervous little bird." You wish. "You need to take some yoga breaths and calm your ass down." Haha. One woman asks how Carol made it that far. Yes, ask yourself. When Carol breaks out the rosary beads, they call her "one of those." 

Carol = the zombie apocalypse's No. 1 Method actress.

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Carol says it doesn't matter what happens to her, but don't hurt Maggie, don't hurt the baby. Ah. She plays the pregnancy card. Paula agrees with Abraham that it's stupid to get knocked up now. Accent woman — Molly, aka Molls — smokes and Carol sticks with her role and says it's bad for the baby. "Those things will kill you." Haha. "They already have," Molls says. She's a dead woman walking "which puts us in exactly the same boat." The episode title in play!

Hershel said we all have jobs to do, and Maggie is Alexandria's resident diplomat. She tries to negotiate. She says their injured guy, Donnie, doesn't have half an hour to live. Maggie knows, her dad was a doctor. Maggie suggests they talk to Rick. Angry injured guy wants to shoot Carol in the arm for what she did. Is Paula really going to "stick up for some gutless bitch" over him? Maggie manages to get him off his feet and headbutts him. Carol gets in on it and he kicks Carol. The guy really stands for all annoying guys, and he'll probably get his.

Sorry, but Maggie has been interrogated by worse than 'Chelle. Remember what she told The Governor, when he made her take her shirt off, then bent her over? "Do what you're gonna do. And go to hell." They have a little conversation, about Chelle's dead boyfriend, who was apparently one of the guys Daryl blew up. "He was a dick." Haha. But the preferred term for those guys was "a--holes." Frankie, Frank, was her dad. That's what she was going to name her baby. Foreshadowing of Maggie's baby name, after her dad? Maggie isn't planning to die today. Neither is Chelle. "One of us is wrong." Chelle says "Just tell me where." Last time she was kidnapped and interrogated, Maggie did reveal the location of the prison, because they put a gun to Glenn's head. What would she do if they put a gun to Carol's head, or pointed it at her stomach? Grim thoughts, but it's possible. 

Both sides think they are the good guys and the others are the bad guys. That's the usual way in the world, on both sides of a conflict.

Carol starts to talk about Ed and Paula interrupts her. She says she knows exactly who Carol is, she's pathetic. Yeah, for the first two seasons she pretty much was. But ohhhhh is it the wrong read on Carol now. 

The Walking Dead Episode 13 STILL

Rick talks to Paula on the walkie, and he proposes a trade. Paula isn't sure they'll agree to a trade. Carol breaks out the waterworks again and comes up with a story on why they attacked. Carol says they were just defending themselves when they were stopped by the Saviors. Seems to work. Paula says it's fair play, 'cause her group was blown up. (Daryl!) Carol talks about Negan, says "he sounded like a maniac." Smoking accent woman, Molls, says, "Sweetie, sweetie, we are all Negan." Then she coughs a bunch. Carol wonders what that means. Then she wants a cigarette.

Paula keeps calling Carol "weak" and wonders what she's afraid of. Paula talks about her past, she was a secretary, read inspirational e-mails to feel good about herself. There's a carrot, egg, and coffee bean story. "You're supposed to want to be the coffee beans." More talk about who you're supposed to want to be. Paula was at work when the government had the important people evacuated. She was stuck with her boss. Not her husband or her four girls. Her boss was "weak" and was going to get her killed, and she was stuck with him, so he was the first person she killed. Then she stopped counting how many she killed. She says she's not like Carol, but clearly she is. Carol says Paula is the one who is really afraid to die, and she is going to. Paula asks if Carol is going to be the one to kill her. "I hope not." She probably means it, too. She's tired of being a killer. Of being like Paula.

Paula calls Rick "a--hole," but his preferred title is "dumbass." They have a trade time in 10 minutes, but Paula knows it was too easy. There was no static on the walkie, so she knows they're close. She knows they're planning to kill them. Why does Paula says this in front of Carol? Carol says Rick is a man of his word and wouldn't want to do anything to hurt Carol and Maggie. Paula says then he must be as stupid as Carol. Well, he is not quite as smart as Carol...

Carol knows there's not much time, so she gets into game mode. She gets herself free and finds Maggie in another room to free her. It's about to GO DOWN, Y'ALL. Is Maggie OK? She kinda of adopts "have to be." Maggie says they have to finish this, so she's in this as much as Queen C. They rifle through the stuff of the dead guy. Carol wants to go, but Maggie ties up dead guy and uses him as a walker to attack Molls. Nice one, Mags! Maggie knocks her out, too, stabbing her. WOW. Carol looks on in horror. Who are you, Maggie?! (Pretty soon, she'll be Martha Wayne....)

The Saviors have walkers at the gate to stop the women from leaving, and the Alexandrites from coming. Carol points her gun at Paula, who approaches. "Just run." Maggie wants Carol to shoot her. Carol is more Morgan than we knew. Maggie fights her interrogator, Chelle, and gets slashed. So Carol steps up and kills Chelle. When you have to kill, you kill. Carol points her gun back at Paula, who is now laughing. "You're good. Nervous little bird. You were her. Not now, right? Me too." Carol says she told Paula to run. "If you could do all this, what were you afraid of, Carol?" Herself, most likely. They fight, hand to hand, as Maggie watches. Paula gets shishkebabbed.

Carol tells Maggie she thinks she's killed 18-20 people. None of this would've happened if she had just killed the people before. Carol tells Saviors on the walkie to meet them on the kill floor. She lights a match and throws it into a locked room to burn up the Saviors. More names for the list.

There's a Savior (Primo again) who says "I'm Negan" and Rick shoots him right in the head. If only he would do that to the real Negan. At least Daryl and Carol got a little hug in the end. CARYL FOR LIFE WITHOUT PAROLE.

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