\'Walking Dead\' Season 6 Finale Recap: Who Did Negan Kill in \'Last Day on Earth\'?
Negan and Lucille in The Walking Dead Season 6 Finale
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‘Walking Dead’ Season 6 Finale Recap: Who Did Negan Kill in ‘Last Day on Earth’?


*Warning: The Walking Dead comic book SPOILERS referenced throughout!*

Seriously? As Abraham Ford (Michael Cudlitz) would put it, "What the b-tch?" The Walking Dead Season 6 finale, Episode 16, "Last Day on Earth," just aired on Sunday, April 3 on AMC. 

Greg Nicotero directed, and Scott M. Gimple and Matt Negrete co-wrote, the big intro of our new mega-villain Negan, played by the unfairly attractive Jeffrey Dean Morgan. (How are we really supposed to hate someone that damn hot, especially when JDM is playing the good cop version of Negan on The Good Wife?)

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We were supposed to see who Negan killed tonight, in his first meeting with our group. And yet we did not. Did he go for Glenn Rhee (Steven Yeun) his target in the comic, or go for the “remix” of a non-comic character like Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus), who was just shot in Episode 15? Or ... other? Lauren Cohan (Maggie Greene) did tease that there would be a “cliffhanger” and Negan's big kill was shown from the point of view of the victim.

So we didn't see who was killed. It's a cliffhanger. And not even a Jon Snow cliffhanger, since at least Game of Thrones showed Jon die. (Not that he's likely to stay dead, but that's not TWD's problem.)

Robert Kirkman said on Talking Dead that there were hints in the way they shot the Negan kill scene, but ... ugh. The whole season was leading up to this, so basically the whole season was leading up to Season 7. A tease for a tease, fake-outs and more fake-outs. They just gave away the momentum, and no matter what happens in the Season 7 premiere, it will be anticlimactic — and most likely spoiled in advance.

We deserve better, and so do the cast members who are going to have to try to dodge this spoiler until October. Good luck with that.

But it's Glenn. Right? Unless it's Daryl? Or even Michonne or Rosita? They were all locked up and we saw from their point of view with the lights at the start and middle of the episode, so is that one of the hints? Comic book Negan doesn't approve of raping women, and he doesn't kill a lot of them, but he does kill Holly during the "All Out War" storyline. And TV Negan did almost kill Maggie to "put her out of her misery," so ... all bets are off?

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Read on for a full recap of Episode 616:


The first images are of sunlight as we hear whistling, like ... Negan is the new Mockingjay?

Morgan is still searching for Carol and passes a sign that says "You Are Alive." There are always helpful messages in the zombie apocalypse. Maybe the message was for the horse Morgan finds. You know horses are cursed on this show.

The guy who grabbed Carol's rosary beads is still shuffling after her like her own personal walking dead. There's also a guy running in the woods. Running from Negan?

Glenn and Michonne Are Tied Up in The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 15
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Enid and Carl are fighting. Enid wants to take Maggie to Hilltop, but Carl said it's too far and there are too many Saviors out there. As we hear about how dangerous the Saviors are, from Carl, we see a guy cornered in the woods. And yet Carl is leaving himself, with Rick's group. Enid points out that Carl WANTS to run into the Saviors, right? Enid said this is about getting Maggie to a doctor not ... what? Revenge? Enid is right. Maggie needs a doctor and they have an obstetrician at Hilltop. She's going to go. Until Carl locks her in a closet. NOT COOL, MAN. This is not your call to be the big man to the little woman. Enid said "What happens if you don't come back? How am I supposed to live with that?" Carl tells her to JSS. From the closet? What if Alexandria is attacked and she's stuck there? Eugene tells Rick he wants to go with his group. "I'll be your anchorman, yes I damn will." Aaron volunteers too, and says Rick will have to punch him in the face again to stop him.

Rick puts Father Gabriel in charge of Alexandria's defense and of Judith. My is that a big change from this time last year. Spencer still wants to make a deal with the Saviors, asks what they should tell the Saviors if they show up in Rick's absence. Rick says tell them to wait for him. "I've got a deal for them." Do you think Spencer may retain his comic book storyline and basically sell out Rick next season, to Negan's disgust? He's not quite the same guy we see...

The guy in the woods gets a speech from the Saviors. He wanted to fight. This is how it has to be. Is he one of the Hilltop folks? Are we supposed to instantly recognize him, or is this a case of mistaken identity, where they think he's an Alexandrian?

Morgan Looks Serious in The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 15
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She told him not to come. "I'm going to start listening to you real soon." She is hurt.

The Saviors have a roadblock to make an example of the guy they captured. This is where we get the show intro and first commercials.

The are trying to transport Maggie, who is sick, to Hilltop. Rick tells Maggie they are going to get there and the doctor at Hilltop is going to make things better. Maggie asks how he knows. "Everything we've done, we've done together. We got here together and we're still here. Things have happened but it's always worked out for us. ... As long as it's all of us, we can do anything." MAJOR Glenn death foreshadowing, no? And foreshadowing comic book Maggie's blaming of Rick after it happens, 'cause Rick didn't stop it?

He helps her abdomen wound, but says she needs stitches and antibiotics. She needs to go to Hilltop too. But Morgan said he'd bring back help. OK? No, says Carol. Carol, don't be difficult.

That's the line from Abraham as they drive into the roadblock. It's Abe driving, Sasha shotgun, Rick, Eugene, Aaron, Maggie and Carl in the back. They exit the RV with their hands up. Rick says they can make a deal, right there. The guy says they can, "give us all your stuff." They have to kill one of them, but then they can move forward on business. It's similar to before. Rick says that deal won't work for them, and he may take all of their stuff. One guy breaks out spray-paint and sprays on the guy on the ground. Main guy, not Negan, says their deal is the only deal and they don't negotiate. Rick said he and his people are leaving. Main guy says "OK, friend. Plenty of ways to get to where you're going." Crickets in the background. "You wanna make today your last day on Earth"" Rick asks. No, the other guy says, but it's a good thing to bring up. What if it's the last day on Earth for you or someone you love? "Be kind to each other. Like you said, like it was your last day on Earth." Haunting. "You do the same," Rick says. It's almost a nice chat, except there's tension and d-ck measuring.

Rick Looks Worried in The Walking Dead Season 6 Finale
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More of the intro lights, through holes.

Now what? Carl plays with the shades as he sees a walker shuffling toward the RV. Carl asks Aaron why he didn't stay back to guard the place? I owe her, he says of Maggie. Why did Carl come? "I owe them." Eugene and Sasha strategize the route to follow. Later on, Abraham and Sasha have a chat while on the road to Hilltop. He seems happy with her. Content.

Carol seems better. We next see her standing up. Morgan says it wasn't just him, Rick came looking too. Daryl would've too, and some others, but they left before they even knew what happened to her. Carol thinks everyone is being dramatic, do they think she'll just come back? Come on, Carol. Carol says she cares about them too but that's why she can't be there. Carol asks if he really just does not get it. YES, CAROL. If you care about people, she says, there are people to protect, people you will kill for. If you don't want to kill, or if you can't, then you have to get away from them. You do not get both. You should know that, she tells Morgan. Morgan refuses to leave Carol, so she pulls her gun on him. STOP IT RIGHT NOW QUEEN. You don't want to kill people, so you pull a gun on the guy who wants to save you? She asks him to just go. "If you care about anyone, there is a price, Morgan, and you're going to pay it. I have and I can't anymore." It's great to see Lennie James and Melissa McBride in scenes together, but it would be nice if they were less irritating scenes.

Carol Surrenders in The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 15
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B-tch nuts. After Abraham and Sasha have their chat, the group hits another roadblock. Carl says it's time to make a stand and end it. Rick says no, not now. They've been waiting. They're ready. It's 5 on 16. Rick's group will play it their way, the way we want it. So they turn around and retreat, slowly, to the sound of a few gunshots.

Morgan is outside and there's a hanging walker, like someone was hanged as punishment and now his corpse is stuck up there for all time. Morgan climbs up to put the walker out of his misery. That's a good dude. He goes inside a library to try and find Carol. His horse is still outside, and he opens the gate, and leaves. Let this horse live, please! Otherwise, seems like a wasted scene.

They know that was not the same group at the other roadblock. This group has numbers. But our group is still confident. They hit another block, this time with chained up walkers. Is this another A-block herding like Terminus? Eugene knows the chain guy took a lot of people to do. Suddenly Saviors are everywhere. Carl wants Rick to slow down and notice that the walkers are wearing items from Michonne, Daryl, etc. But these walkers are clearly old, not fresh, so it's a warning. Rick is about to kill a walker but shots are fired — at their feet again. Just like Terminus. If the Saviors had wanted to kill them, they could've — they were on higher ground and had the advantage.

Rick knows they were firing at their feet. They are being pushed north. The group in the RV strategizes. Meanwhile, Maggie is burning up. You shouldn't have left Alexandria at all. Abraham calls to Rick 'cause there's more trouble. There's a giant roadblock. Rick wants to go back, but Abe says where.

Morgan keeps riding his horse down a road, and sees blood. Injured Carol keeps moving forward, on her own. Does she have a death wish? She's attacked by a walker and struggles a bit to take her down, ripping off her hair. This is why you shouldn't be alone out there, while injured. Also, she's attacked by the Saviors guy who has been stalking her this whole time. He pulls a gun on her. He stands over her with his gun. He makes a speech, which no one should do, says she's going to lie there and he's going to watch her die, slow. "Let's see who wins, b-tch." 

It's shining through holes.

Rick still promises Maggie she is going to be OK, the baby is going to be OK, they are going to get her to Hilltop. There's going to be more. "I believe in you, Rick," she says.

Carol smiles. What's wrong with her? There's nothing wrong with me. I'm going to die. So there's nothing wrong with her anymore. Death wish in action, or just nothing left to fear. There's the sound of a gunshot. So Carol and Daryl are both being shot. Does she think she's suffered enough? No, probably not, she says. Carol taunts him, asks if he's done. She won't die if he leaves now. You decide. You don't get to walk away and get what you want. So he returns with his gun out. Morgan says stop. Drop it. Morgan has a gun, too, says he can survive this. He can. Drop it. Please. He says no, so Morgan shoots him several times. Morgan's first kill in a while. To save Carol. Because he cares. Will she thank him? No! She whines to just let her go. Morgan says it's not her time. "You're going to come back from this."

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Morgan meets guys in armor, who looks like they could be from The Kingdom, which -- in the comic -- is based in a Washington, D.C. high school, led by King Ezekiel.

The guy in the road is now hanging from a bridge, and there's a fiery road block next to him, with Last Day on Earth guy shouting out to our group. So the RV hit the road again. Now what? Our group knows Negan and the others are waiting for them right now. Eugene says they are not waiting on them, they are waiting on the "rust bucket" RV they are in. So maybe they can trick them, since night is coming. Way to step up, Eug. Eugene is going to drive the RV, basically as bait. Rick says they are lucky he is here. Abraham and Eugene have a scene. Eugene wonders why Abraham never let him drive the truck. Abraham says he was wrong about Eugene. You're a survivor. You always were. We just didn't know it, you and me both. Eugene hugs him. It's beautiful. Foreshadowing or misdirection, since they want us to believe Eugene is about to die? The emotional music swells! 

Eugene in The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 14
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This seems doomed from the start, but Rick, Carl, Abraham, Sasha, and Aaron carry Maggie on a stretcher through the fog at night. Carl breathlessly says they won't let anyone like Denise die like that again. Cue whistling, creepy AF whistling. Ric says to go, but they are carrying Maggie so it's not like they can run. They are stopped by a giant light, with people in the woods and -- dang it -- Eugene's RV. All the whistling has to stop. The music gets intense as the camera pans right ever so slowly. Eugene is on his knees. Some guy steps forward. "Welcome to where you're going." Is this Last Day on Earth guy? He says they'll take our group's weapons now. Rick says they can talk about it, but the other guys says it's time to listen. The guy gets in Carl's face and flicks his hat. OH NO YOU DI'INT! The guy makes our group get on their knees. They set poor Maggie down, and get her off the stretcher. Eugene is beat up a bit but alive, and forced to kneel with them. It's Terminus all over again, with the kneeling and the bats to the heads, no?

The Walking Dead Negan in Comic with Lucille

It's the final 15 minutes or so. We see the lights again, then head back into the night scene. Dwight steps forward. He opens a van or something, and breaks out Daryl, Michonne, Rosita, and Glenn. They were in the space with light. Glenn calls for Maggie. Eugene sees Rosita. Daryl is alive, if bloody. The main guy knocks on the RV and says "All right, we've got a full boat. Let's meet the man." So out steps Negan and Lucille. Slicked-back hair. Gonna be pee-pee pants city here real soon. Which one of you pricks is the leader? Here are the people in Negan's lineup: Rick, Carl, Glenn, Maggie, Daryl, Michonne, Abraham, Sasha, Eugene, Rosita, and Aaron. So Rick and Negan meet for the first time. Negan tells Rick that killing his people was so not cool. No matter what, you don't mess with the new world order. Give me your sh-it or I will kill you. Today was career day. We invested a lot so you know who I am and what we can do. "You work for me now. You have sh-t? You give it to me. That's your job." They thought they were safe, but not even close. What he wants is half their sh-t. "This is your way of life now. The more you fight back, the harder it will be." So if someone knocks on your door, you let us in. We own that door. "You didn't really think you were going to get through this without being punished now, do you?" Negan doesn't want to kill them, he wants them to work for him, which they can't do if they're dead. "I'm not growing a garden." But they killed a lot of his people, and for that they have to pay. So "I'm going to beat the holy hell out of one of you."

And she is awesome. He makes fun of Abraham's stache. Tells Carl he has one of their guns. Tells Carl to lighten up or at least cry a little. Tells Maggie she looks sh-tty. Let's put you out of your misery right now. Glenn lunges forward to stop him. No one else moves. Glenn says "don't" to Negan. So Negan says don't any of you do that again. I will shut that sh-t down no exceptions. The first one's free, it's an emotional moment. Rick gets his crazy face, but he seems panicked. Negan says "sucks, don't it. The moment you realize you don't know sh-t." They have Negan saying s-hit a lot, since it's AMC and they can't say f--k. Negan figures out that Carl is Rick's kid. "Do not make me kill the little future serial killer." Negan starts whistling, dragging it out. He can't decide, so he does eeny, meeny, miney, mo.

They make it difficult/maybe impossible to tell who was killed, showing it from the kill POV. So we have no idea who Negan killed and apparently won't know until Season 7. DAMN YOU!

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