‘The Walking Dead’ Season 6: Who Kidnapped Maggie and Carol?
Lauren and Gregory in The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 11
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The Walking Dead

‘The Walking Dead’ Season 6: Who Kidnapped Maggie and Carol?


The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 12 marked Rick Grimes and the group’s first trip to Negan’s compound, and even though they clearly thought they bested the Saviors, the final moments of the episode revealed these new baddies somehow managed to capture Maggie Greene and Carol Peletier.

Maggie and Carol had been tasked with guarding the outer perimeter of Negan’s compound, and the promo for Episode 13 shows they are kidnapped when two female Saviors surprise them from behind and aim guns at their heads.

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Who are these badass bitches, you ask? Here’s what we know...

​You May Recognize One of Them

Carol in The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 12
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The ginger Savior is none other than actress Alicia Witt. She’s best known for her roles in the thriller 88 Minutes and the TV show Friday Night Lights, but she’s been acting since she was a kid.

We first reported her mysterious TWD casting last month.

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Maggie and Carol Are Outnumbered

Maggie Climbs a Ladder in The Walking Dead Season 6 Midseason Finale
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We only saw the two women take Maggie and Carol in the promo, but by the time the sun rises that duo has backup and Maggie and Carol are outnumbered by The Saviors.

In a couple of sneak peeks for EpIsode 13 — “The Same Boat” — there are at least two additional Saviors on hand, giving our pair a really slim chance at an escape.

However, the silver lining is The Savior hostage whom Rick and our group is holding on the other side of the fence is particularly valuable because of his medical expertise. It’s not much, but it could come in handy when Rick tries to bargain for Maggie and Carol’s release.

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Melissa McBride Has Faith

Carol Holds Baby Judith in The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 7
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Though she couldn’t tease much regarding next week’s hour, Carol’s portrayer, Melissa McBride, has faith in Marol. “I can say that you will see Carol and Maggie both fighting very hard to survive the Saviors,” she tells TV Guide.

Unfortunately, producer Greg Nicotero isn’t quite as optimistic, telling The Hollywood Reporter, “It seems that Carol and Maggie may have let their guard down. It also goes to show that this group — just like our group is well-equipped and smart and has numbers — the Saviors are showing themselves to be a relatively formidable group.”

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We don’t really see how both Maggie and Carol could plausibly survive this encounter unscathed, but we’ll have to wait and see how things play out next Sunday!

The Walking Dead Season 6 airs Sunday nights at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.

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