‘The Walking Dead’ Cast Teases “Monumental” Midseason Premiere — Exclusive
Josh McDermitt, Cheistian Serratos, Alanna Masterson, and Tom Luse From The Walking Dead
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The Walking Dead

‘The Walking Dead’ Cast Teases “Monumental” Midseason Premiere — Exclusive


With just days to go before The Walking Dead Season 6 midseason premiere, we chatted with TWD cast members Alanna Masterson, Josh McDermitt, Christian Serratos, and EP Tom Luse at SCAD's aTVfest in Atlanta on February 5 to get the dirt on what to expect, and the lively group did not hold back.

“It’s epic — if I can use one word,” Josh said.

Alanna followed his one-word lead, labeling Episode 9 “monumental.”

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Luckily, Tom gave us a bit more to work with. “The great thing about the episode is it’s the culmination of an entire half-season,” he said. “It’s a huge episode in terms of blood, in terms of pain, in terms of struggle.”

As Josh noted, the midseason finale left us with many questions to answer — ”How are we going to deal with these zombies?, Where’s Daryl and Abraham and Sasha? What are they going to do?” — and that means the stakes are higher than ever going into the back half of the season.

Rosita Trains Alexandrians in The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 7
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“It’s not just one problem,” Eugene’s counterpart said.

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Speaking of “problems,” Alanna told us Tara has a tremendous amount of guilt going into “No Way Out” because she didn’t/couldn’t shoot the Wolf who took Denise as his helpless hostage.

“I think you see in 608, it’s written all over her face,” the 27-year-old explained. “It’s like ‘I can’t believe Denise is gone.’”

“Anytime somebody starts to care for someone on this show it spells trouble,” Josh added. “But it’s also a great thing to play with these characters, because we can get caught up in survival mode but that feeling injects so much more into what we’re putting out there with these characters.”

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Thanks to an early preview of Episode 9 we know we’ll find out what happened to Abraham FordDaryl Dixon, and Sasha, but Denise’s future isn’t as certain.

We’re holding out hope Carol Peletier and/or Morgan Jones will be able to put their differences aside and formulate a last ditch effort to save the newbie, but with this show anything can happen — especially in the “bloody” midseason premiere!

Check back later this week for more of Wetpaint’s exclusive interview with The Walking Dead cast!

-- Reporting by Samantha Lear

The Walking Dead Season 6 midseason premiere airs Sunday, February 14, at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.

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