‘The Walking Dead’ Season 6: Who Does Negan Kill?
A Walker With Half a Mouth in The Walking Dead Season 6 Midseason Finale
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‘The Walking Dead’ Season 6: Who Does Negan Kill?


Negan will be showing us his face for the first time in The Walking Dead Season 6 finale, and once he becomes a part of the TWD universe there’s no going back.

The brutal, murderous, character comes to us straight from the TWD comics, and unfortunately his ruthless nature makes it so he has no problem killing anyone, yes anyone, just to prove his dominance and teach people a lesson.

In Episode 11 Jesus told Rick Grimes about The Hilltop teenager Rory Negan being beaten to death for no reason, and if TV Negan is anything like his comic book counterpart we know that’s just the beginning of his homicidal rampage.

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Negan’s most memorable act in the comics thus far is bludgeoning Glenn Rhee to death with his baseball bat named Lucille, and while there’s some debate over whether or not that will play out on the small screen, the odds aren’t looking great for the former pizza delivery boy.

Negan and Lucille on Issue 100 Cover

In addition to Rory and Glenn, Negan, who’s still alive in the comics, also kills Spencer Monroe. The last surviving member of the Monroe family is gutted with a knife after he asks the Saviors' leader to kill Rick.

Excluding many Alexandria and Hilltop redshirts, Negan also kills Holly, who doesn’t really have a direct counterpart on TV but is a love interest for Abraham Ford in the comics.

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Holly is used as a Trojan horse of sorts after getting kidnaped by the Saviors, as Negan brings her back into Alexandria to trade with a bag over her head. As he hands her off to Denise, however, we see that she’s now a walker (Negan presumably killed her) and she bites and kills Denise.

See, it’s clear this dude is not one to mess with.

It’s unclear if all of Negan’s comic book kills will play out on TV, but we’re certainly worried for Glenn, Spencer, and everyone else!

The Walking Dead Season 6 airs Sunday nights at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.

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