\'The Walking Dead\' Season 6: Who Will Die Next?
Negan and Lucille in The Walking Dead Season 6 Finale
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The Walking Dead

‘The Walking Dead’ Season 6: Who Will Die Next?


Update (4/8/2016): Negan killed someone in the finale but we won’t know the identity of his victim until the Season 7 opener in October. It’s possible multiple characters could die, but for now we’re focused on whoever was on the wrong end of Lucille.

Norman Reedus says he knows who Negan killed, while pretty much everyone else has said they’re in the dark.

Our top picks for the unlucky soul still stand, but they’re sure to change as we get more info about the Season 7 premiere!

Update (4/1/2016): Negan makes his debut in the April 3 Season 6 finale, and word on the street is he has Rick Grimes, Carl Grimes, Glenn Rhee, Daryl Dixon, Michonne, Maggie Greene, Abraham Ford, Eugene Porter and Aaron all at his mercey in the final 11 minutes of the episode.

One of them will die, but it's looking like we won't know exactly who until the Season 7 premiere.

Curse you, Scott Gimple!

Abraham Is Ready For a Fight in The Walking Dead Season 6 Finale
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Update (3/1/2016): Jessie, Sam, and Ron died in The Walking Dead Season 6 midseason premiere and a handful of random characters have died since, but who will be the next major character to kick the bucket?

We don’t know anything for sure, but we do have some theories as to who might die next. Here are the three top suspects:

Glenn Rhee - With Negan’s arrival around the corner, Glenn’s days are likely numbered. In the comics, the big bad beats the former pizza delivery boy to death as an act of revenge for killing some of his men, and though we don’t know if the show will follow the comics exactly with regards to this storyline, it’s not looking great for Glenn.

Daryl Dixon - However, if the TV show were to deviate from the comics and have Negan kill someone else, there are theories Daryl might be the victim instead. We hope that’s not the case, but you never know.

Abraham Ford - When Season 6 was still filming, Michael Cudlitz seemingly suggested his character was killed off, and given Abe’s recent behavior — in Episode 11 he was getting all philosophical and questioning whether or not he could have a family again — we have a sneaking suspicion his days might be numbered.

Jessie Stands Alone in The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 5

Update (11/28/2015): According to reports, Sam, Jessie, and Ron will perish in the midseason finale. Details here.

Update (11/22/2015): Tonight, in Season 6, Episode 7, we'll find out Glenn is alive. Rejoice!

Update (10/25/2015): Glenn Rhee (Steven Yeun) may have died in Season 6, Episode 3: "Thank You." We have reason to believe he's still alive, but his fate won't be confirmed until Episode 7. However, tonight's Episode 5 will end with a "sign of hope" for the fan-favorite character and his lady love, Maggie Greene (Lauren Cohan.)

Update (10/11/2015): Newcomer Carter was the first to go on The Walking Dead Season 6. He was bitten by a walker during the plan to lure the massive horde away from Alexandria, and because he was screaming so loudly and ruining the plan by drawing walkers away, Rick had no choice but to stab him to death. RIP, dude.

Original Story (10/1/2015): As any fan of The Walking Dead will tell you, characters on the AMC drama die all the time. Season 6 doesn’t start until October 11, so no one’s kicked the bucket yet, but we know it’s coming. Spoiler intel has numbered days for a handful of characters, and we’re here to tell you who will probably be next to join the ever-growing population of walkers. Keep in mind this list will be updated as Season 6 progresses.

From what we can gather, no one of any significance is meeting his or her Maker in the 90-minute season opener, but (we think) the first big death does happen towards the top of the season.

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Back in June actor Michael Cudlitz, who plays military man Abraham Ford on the show, may have spoiled his own death when he tweeted at his TWD co-star Josh McDermitt, aka Eugene Porter, “I had a blast working with you.” Obviously since Michael used the past tense the implication is he’s no longer working with Josh. This possible revelation had TWD fandom in a total tizzy.

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​Michael later made light of his possible slip-up by tweeting the following message. WE should also note he deleted the initial tweet that caused so much controversy.

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Aside from Abraham’s possible death we’re fairly certain not one but two characters will bite the dust in November’s Season 6 midseason finale. During an action sequence; Jessie’s son Sam is grabbed by walkers and gets eaten. Jessie attempts to save him even though it is a lost cause. She refuses to let go of Carl Grimes’ (Chandler Riggs) hand while doing so and as she starts falling into a throng of walkers Rick chops off her hand/arm and she dies.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, Carl then loses an eye trying to protect his dear old dad from someone looking to avenge Jessie’s death.

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No word yet on if we’ll lose any key characters between Abraham’s likely death and the demise of Sam and Jessie, but we’re sure some other minor characters may perish along the way.

Check back throughout Season 6 to see who might be the next to go!

The Walking Dead Season 6 airs Sunday nights at at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.

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