Spoiler Alert! Here\'s How Your Favorite \'TWD\' Ship Reunion Will Go Down
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The Walking Dead

Spoiler Alert! Here’s How Your Favorite ‘TWD’ Ship Reunion Will Go Down


Rick and Daryl. Maggie and Enid. Tara and... well, everyone.

The Walking Dead's Season 7 has given fans plenty of happy reunions to look forward to, but the one we want to see most is Carol and Daryl.

Read on if you want to see the latest spoilers for this anticipated event!

Spoilers have been uncovered that outline the next several episodes. While we still don't know the names of the episodes, we know about everything else that will go down if these rumors are true.


First, Episode 10 will see Rick attempt to meet with Jadis, the leader of the Junkyard group. But before he can do that he must battle a spiky pit zombie.

Teenagers, right?

Rick wins, of course, and agrees to supply the Junkyard with more guns. But... Negan has all the guns. Good going, Rick.

We bet this is where Tara tells everyone about Oceanside's massive weapons stash.

Alanna Masterson as Tara Chambler -— The Walking Dead
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Alright, the moment we've all been waiting for.

Daryl won't be reuniting with Carol when he first arrives at the Kingdom; she's hanging out in her new house and he isn't aware of her whereabouts.

Walking Dead Carol Morgan

Ezekiel will attempt to bring the two together again, but his knight Richard screws everything up by telling Daryl the person living in Carol's house is a dangerous killer. Somehow, he thinks this lie will prompt Zeke to join the fight against Negan for... reasons?

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Daryl ain't no fool, though, and he demands Richard give him the name of the person living in the house.

When he discovers Carol is the "dangerous killer" the archer sets out to find the house. Daryl and Carol catch up over a long overdue dinner.

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The Walking Dead midseason premiere airs Sunday February 12, 2017 at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.

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