\'Walking Dead\' Stuntman\'s Organs to Be Donated Following Fatal Fall (UPDATE)
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The Walking Dead

‘Walking Dead’ Stuntman’s Organs to Be Donated Following Fatal Fall (UPDATE)


UPDATE (7/15/17 at 12:30 p.m. ET): 

John Bernecker, The Walking Dead stuntman who passed away after a tragic accident on set on Thursday, July 13, will have his organs donated.

“Although devastated by their loss, John’s loved ones have ensured his legacy will live on, not only through the personal and professional contributions he made during his life, but also by their generous decision to allow John to save lives as an organ donor,” the statement reads.

“John will touch countless others as the family members, friends and communities of those who receive his organs will be forever impacted by the memories and milestones made possible thanks to a second chance at life,” the statement concludes.

"Our production is heartbroken by the tragic loss of John Bernecker," The Walking Dead showrunner Scott M. Gimple said in a statement.

"John's work on The Walking Dead and dozens of other movies and shows will continue to entertain and excite audiences for generations. We are grateful for his contributions, and all of us send our condolences, love, and prayers to John's family and friends." 

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UPDATE (7/14/17 at 9:12 a.m. ET): 

John Bernecker, a stuntman on The Walking Dead, passed away after a tragic accident on set on Thursday, July 13.

He was surrounded by friends and family when they turned his ventilator off, sources told TMZ.

Our thoughts and prayers are with his family.

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Original story (7/13/17 at 3:12 p.m. ET): 

Tragedy has struck The Walking Dead twice in one week, this time with an on-set accident that ended in a major injury.

A stuntman was rushed from the set to a Georgia hospital yesterday after a stunt went wrong.

Read on for the full details.


Stuntman John Bernecker fell 20 feet from a set building onto the concrete floor below.



The fall resulted in a critical head injury requiring immediate medical care, per TMZ.

It is unknown whether or not John was performing a stunt at the time.


High falls are considered to be one of John’s strengths.

He outlines many of them in his stunt reel.


John obviously has a lot of experience with this kind of thing.


Sadly, things are not looking good for John.

His girlfriend, Jennifer Cocker, made a recent Facebook post that indicates John’s condition as incredibly serious.


The last major stunt injury on TWD set occurred in 2013 when a crewmember needed to be airlifted to the hospital, delaying production.


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The unnamed stunt person made a full recovery, ComicBook.com reports.


So far, everyone has been very quiet about this unfortunate incident.


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Neither the hospital nor AMC has been willing to comment on the accident, per The Hollywood Reporter.


John’s accident comes close on the heels of TWD commercial voice actor Randy Schell’s shocking death.


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Randy plummeted to his death after colliding with a skydiver during what was a routine jump for the daredevil.

Our thoughts are with the cast and crew during this difficult time.


The Walking Dead returns to AMC this October.