Christian Serratos Takes a Break From ‘The Walking Dead’ After Giving Birth
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The Walking Dead

Christian Serratos Takes a Break From ‘The Walking Dead’ After Giving Birth


Despite having a major arc in The Walking Dead’s Season 7, it looks like we’ll be getting much less of Abraham’s ex Rosita Espinosa in Season 8.

Read on for all the spoilery details.


Rosita actress Christian Serratos introduced her baby (known only as “W”) to the world on Mother’s Day.


Happy Mothers Day from little W and me!

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The 26-year-old actress looked positively lovely with no makeup and a peaceful mommy glow.


TWD recently began filming Season 8, but Christian has been curiously absent from the set, Express reports.


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Of course, there’s always time for Christian to return to the set, but given the very, very recent arrival of her little one there would need to be some heavy accommodations made for the new mama.


When co-star Alanna Masterson needed time off for her own pregnancy, her character Tara was sent on an extended run, removing her from the main storyline until the actress could return.


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Given Rosita’s huge story arc in Season 7 it’s hard to imagine the character remaining absent from TWD’s Season 8 for long.


Rosita has gone to some very dark places lately, and she’ll need time to fight her way back from that emotional turmoil.


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Many characters have suggested Rosita step away from the fighting and set her head straight — we wouldn’t mind seeing a lot of Rosita and Father Gabriel bonding time!