‘The Walking Dead’ Set Spoilers Reveal Season 8’s Long-Awaited War
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The Walking Dead

‘The Walking Dead’ Set Spoilers Reveal Season 8’s Long-Awaited War


More spoilers have leaked from the set of The Walking Dead Season 8. And if these photos are any indication everybody is in grave danger.


The cast and crew have been all too happy to tell us about the upcoming war, but now it looks to be happening and nobody is safe.


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The Spoiling Dead Fans have spotted signs of struggle in multiple set locations — looks like we’re in for one epic battle.


Earlier in the show’s hiatus, these Walker Stalkers noticed Negan’s Sanctuary looking a little worse for the wear.



The burnt and broken condition of the compound was attributed to an attack by Rick and the rest of the rebels.


Sadly, it looks like the Saviors found revenge.


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Eagle-eyed devotees caught the crew filming near the Kingdom location, where something looks to have gone very wrong.


Kingdom dwellers were seen lying around in the dirt, some appearing to be wearing burn makeup.


The group concedes that the littered bodies could be walkers, but their first guess seems to be some terrible accident that affects the Kingdom.


Gene Page/AMCt
Credit: Gene Page/AMC    

At least Jerry is confirmed to be safe for now, but what about Shiva?


Credit: Gene Page/AMC    

The Walking Dead returns to AMC this October.