Who\'s The Better \'Walking Dead\' Villain: Shane or Negan? (POLL)
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The Walking Dead

Who’s The Better ‘Walking Dead’ Villain: Shane or Negan? (POLL)


The Walking Dead fans have spoken and Shane Walsh has been crowned Best Villain.

But we think there may be more to the story…

Voters in TheWalkingDead.com poll chose Shane over the likes of Jadis and Negan, even voting Shane 88 percent to the Governor’s 12 percent in the final round.

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Yes, that means Negan didn’t even make it into the final showdown.

That's strange to us, since Jeffrey Dean Morgan was just awarded the MTV Movie and TV Award for Best Villain out of all 2016 movies and TV.

Naturally, we’ve decided to pit them against each other to see if we can get to the bottom of this competition once and for all.

So here it is, Walking Dead fans… who's the baddest baddie in the zombie apocalypse?

Pure Evil

Shane was willing to straight-up kill Rick and did manage to kill at least two people (Randall and Otis) but both times he thought he was furthering the group’s safety in his own twisted way.

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Negan murders people with glee and doesn’t mind ending the life of a random bystander to make a point.

Undermining Rick’s authority

The Alexandrians ran wild for awhile when they felt their fearless leader was dragging his feet with this Negan problem. But they were all united on one front: They completely and utterly hated the Slugger… except for maybe Eugene. But the jury seems to be out on that still.

Rick found himself constantly at odds with certain group members that felt Shane’s methods were more effective. Not to mention Shane’s affair with Lori and Carl’s obvious admiration for him. Oh, and there’s the little detail of Shane being Judith’s real dad… let’s not forget about that.


Impact to Rick’s group

As mentioned, the deaths caused by Shane generally furthered the group in one way or another (Otis’s death technically kept Carl alive), so the officer is at a disadvantage here.

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Rick lost both Glenn and Abraham at the hands of Negan, along with loads of food and his very will to fight. The outcome of this one seems clear.

Fan Base

Both actors claim a large base of devoted fans thanks to their Hollywood efforts. Shane’s Jon Bernthal has established a foothold in the MCU with his popular turn as the Punisher in Netflix’s Daredevil.

Grey’s Anatomy guest stars, Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Denny Duquette
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Jeffrey’s followers have been with him a bit longer, dating back to his tragic performance of Grey’s Anatomy’s dying Denny. Oh, yeah, and all those Supernatural fans don’t hurt either.


Negan’s story has set a lot of important plots in motion. Maggie seems to be taking over the Hilltop, Carol and Ezekiel appear to be getting cozy with each other, and of course, there’s the All Out War storyline and all the huge character changes that come with it.

While all of these are important moments for comic book fans, Shane’s moral dilemmas were intensely compelling. Did he really know how to keep the group safer than Rick could? Was he actually in love with Lori?

And was he the intruder in that family dynamic or was that Rick? Afterall, both Shane and Lori assumed Rick was dead and chose to move on together before realizing their mistakes.

Negan’s story may be massive, but Shane’s tale presents nuanced character details that keep you thinking.

Comic book legacy

Fans of the show were surprised Shane made it into the second season — he really didn’t last long in the books.

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Negan, on the other hand, develops a creepy, close relationship with Carl before breaking good and being reluctantly accepted into Rick’s group. He loses Lucille in the end, but Slugger himself is still going strong.

Iconic sense of style

Negan’s style is full-on comic book Big Bad. The leather jacket, the red bandana… his entire look screams villain.

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Shane dressed no differently than the rest of the show’s characters… but isn’t it smarter for a villain to try to blend in?


Who are we kidding? This one’s a draw.


Lori could not have put it any better, Shane is a hothead. All angry speeches and head-rubbing, his main character trait seemed to be his temper.

Negan’s is full of personality and bizarre metaphors (and don’t forget the dad jokes!). The charismatic villain demands your attention even when he isn’t speaking.


A proper villain needs minions. Negan lays claim to an army of rough and tumble survivors willing to cater to his every whim. Though a few of those goons seem to be rethinking their loyalty, the baddie always has the Scavengers to fall back on.

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Shane had Andrea ready to elope with him for a short while, but in the end he operated completely alone.

Signature weapon

All the biggest and baddest Sith Lords have personalized (and freaking awesome) lightsabers. Freddy Krueger has his claws. Leatherface has his chainsaw. Let’s face it, bad guys are nothing without a big, bad weapon in hand.

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Shane doesn’t have an iconic weapon of his own, but Negan’s Lucille is practically her own character.

Tell us who your favorite Walking Dead baddie is in the poll below!

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