Beyonce and Chris Brown Are Living for Wendy Williams’s Cheating Drama — Report
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Wendy Williams

Beyonce and Chris Brown Are Living for Wendy Williams’s Cheating Drama — Report


Wendy Williams’s bikini body is no longer the talk of the town — the focus has abruptly shifted to the state of her marriage.

Celebs are reportedly reacting to rumors the talk show host’s husband, Kevin Hunter, has been cheating on her with a younger woman, and Beyoncé and Chris Brown, for starters, are kind of loving it.

The Daily Mail first broke the alleged cheating story, claiming Kevin, 46, has been sleeping with a 32-year-old massage therapist for years and even bought her a home close to his in New Jersey.

Wendy, being the straight-shooter she is, addressed (and denied) the claims head on on her show the following day.



“I’m a straight shooter. Pow, pow. All you got to do is Google him and you see the story. You can believe what you want — but I stand by my guy,” she said.

But apparently, superstars like Bey and Breezy are “laughing” at the shock jock’s marital troubles.

“Beyoncé has been smiling and laughing over Wendy’s situation with her husband Kevin [Hunter],” a source tells Hollywood Life.



“Wendy has been on Beyonce’s list of people she doesn’t like ever since the talk show host said Bey sounds like she has a fifth grade education.

“Beyonce never forgets disses like that and now she finds it entertaining that Wendy’s husband could be leading a double life with another woman.”


Not that Bey is one to talk — let’s not forget "Becky with the good hair," guys!

But joining the mom of three in the hate-on-Wendy-Williams club is the “Forever” singer, who is reportedly “loving” the drama.


“As far as he is concerned it’s a classic case of karma biting her on the ass,” a source close to Chris tells Hollywood Life.

“Wendy has publicly slated Chris time after time, and he’s sick of her holier-than-thou act.”


Other celebs, like The Talk ladies and Basketball Wives alum Evelyn Lozada, have also sounded off on the scandal.

Lest you forget, Wendy once called Evelyn’s now ex-husband Carl Crawford a “cash register.”

Evelyn Lozada
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“At the end of the day, Wendy and I have had our words before. And I don’t always support things that she says or she does, but you know, I do feel for her as a woman,” she told Bossip.

“Because at the end of the day, that hurts. Being betrayed like that, finding out that your significant other has this whole other life.”


Clearly it was a much simpler time when the biggest headline surrounding the 53-year-old was about her bikini bod.


Can we shelve this marital drama and just go back to that, please?