Wendy Williams Slams Haters Who Say She\'s Too Thin Amid Husband’s Affair Rumors
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Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams Slams Haters Who Say She’s Too Thin Amid Husband’s Affair Rumors


Wendy Williams is clapping back at the haters.

The talk show host has been accused of losing too much weight recently amid rumors her husband, Kevin Hunter, is having an affair.

But, it’s safe to say, she’s perfectly content with her body and doesn’t care what people think.

“They are so jealous. Excuse me, do I look too skinny? I weigh 145 pounds,” she told theJasmineBRAND.

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“I am sleek, lean, and living my life.”

She also opened up about her on-air fainting incident, which occurred during her Halloween episode.


“Fainting is something that happens to people. Best place to faint probably is on national TV, ’cuz all my doctors called,” she revealed.

“I didn’t have to call them…and kept late hours and worked around my schedule. I did not have any pain when I got up.”

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Despite feeling OK, many fans were concerned the 53-year-old was losing weight because of her husband’s alleged affair with Sharina Hudson.

In fact, he was reportedly just spotted driving her around New York in his Bentley.

Though her husband was out doing who knows what, Wendy put on a brave face at a modeling event on Tuesday, November 14.

In fact, she has always defended her husband and is “standing by her guy,” according to the Daily Mail.

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And, even after the pictures of Kevin and Sharina were blasted on the internet, Wendy supposedly still doesn’t want to end her marriage.

“What nobody can understand is why Wendy doesn’t boot him to the curb. She doesn’t need him. He does nothing for her but drag her down,” a source shared.  

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“This show would be a much better place if he never came back to the studio. I mean he bought this woman a house, his name is on her letterbox, when is the humiliation going to be enough for Wendy to call time on this marriage?”

The source continued, “Wendy needs to realize that she doesn’t need Kevin and that it is Kevin that needs her. She would be much better off with him gone from her life entirely.

“She's not the same bubbly person that she typically is. She looks very sad and is extremely subdued. It's been painful to watch.”

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Regardless of her husband’s situation, we hope Wendy is doing what is best for her!