What Does Joe Gorga Do For a Living?
What Does Joe Gorga Do For a Living?
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What Does Joe Gorga Do For a Living?


Joe Gorga has three adorable kiddies to support, not to mention a wife with very expensive taste, but what exactly does the Jersey resident do for a living?

Turns out Joe — who has recently showed off many buildings he owns — specializes in buying buildings and then renovating them into apartments or condos, which he later sells, hopefully at a profit. In other words, he flips properties.

When Andy Cohen asked Melissa Gorga to explain what her husband did for a living, she responded by saying, “He is successful.”

“He is an extremely hard worker. He takes old warehouses and converts them into condos and he also does custom homes,” she continued.

One very important home Joe will be building and designing in the future? His own! When Melissa spoke earlier this year about the couple’s decision to move back to Franklin Lakes, she was confident that her hubby would create the perfect home for their family.

“I absolutely love our current house and will be sad to leave, but Joe is an incredible builder, so I have no doubt that I'll love the next house just as much. Although this is the last time he is getting me to pack-up, she revealed.

And there you have it!

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