What Is the New Jersey Turnpike Dance?
What Is the New Jersey Turnpike Dance?
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Jersey Shore

What Is the New Jersey Turnpike Dance?


We've seen a lot of questionable dance moves on Jersey Shore, but never has one move (other than fist-pumping, natch) come up so often on the show. So what exactly is the New Jersey Turnpike dance move that Deena and Pauly D are always referencing? It's quite simple, actually.


1. Bend over and place your manicured hands on the ground.

2. Make sure your butt is as high up in the air as it can be.

3. Grind up against a juicehead guido.

4. Bend your knees and yell "I'm a blast in a glass!"

Caution: this dance is only to be performed at the Jersey Shore and more specifically, at Karma. See 3 big reasons why we love Deena Nicole for clarification on these moves.

And remember: practice safe Jersey Turnpiking and always wear underwear.