What Does Your Mikaelson Sibling Crush Say About You?
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The Originals

What Does Your Mikaelson Sibling Crush Say About You?


So many Mikaelson siblings, so little time. Those Originals characters may have their fair share of terrible traits, but there’s no disputing these beautiful supernaturals also have a certain crush-worthy charisma. But everyone has a favorite Mikaelson sibling crush. What does yours say about you?

Elijah Mikaelson

American Gothic

If you’re crushing on Elijah, you like a man in a suit. You long for a bygone era of elegance and class but aren’t opposed to a little danger in your life. You value loyalty above all else and appreciate the trait in others. Drama is overrated but you are often the peacemaker in your group of friends. Though you think it’s important to face your problems head on there isn’t any issue that can’t be cleared up in a cordial and respectful manner. That being said, when all else fails, you aren’t afraid to rip out some hearts — figuratively, of course.

Klaus Mikaelson

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If you’re crushing on Klaus, you like a challenge. You are able to see past the masks so many people wear to the true person behind them. You appreciate a good monologue or pithy one-liner but you’re also not against sitting in angsty silence. Favorite activities might include: fine art, opera, or plotting the downfall of your enemies. Your favorite fictional female character is probably Blair Waldorf.

Rebekah Mikaelson

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If you’re crushing on Rebekah, you have impeccable taste. You’re not one for bravado but appreciate someone who is willing and able to stand up for herself. That being said, you value an empathetic heart. You are most impressed by people who have been through serious trauma and tragedy but have managed to hold onto a vulnerability that values honesty and heart in others.

Freya Mikaelson

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If you’re crushing on Freya, the oldest of the Mikaelson siblings, you are drawn to incredible power but don’t have a lot of time for the arrogance that can so often go along with it. You aren’t intimidated by the past drama of others and are willing to work a little harder to get to know someone. That being said, you don’t have a lot of patience for lies. You value honesty and practicality and appreciate those who are able to let the past go in favor of finding meaningful connections in the present.

Kol Mikaelson

Dangerous Liaisons
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If you’re crushing on Kol, you like the bad boy. You like people who are willing to try anything once and who live life to the fullest with a twinkle in your eye. You’re a sucker for loners who have been hurt by the people they most want acceptance from, and can often see past the bravado of others to the person they are trying to be.

Finn Mikaelson

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If you’re crushing on Finn, bad choice. Try again!

The Originals returns to The CW for Season 3 on October 8.