When Is Pregnant Kim Kardashian Due?
When Is Pregnant Kim Kardashian Due?
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When Is Pregnant Kim Kardashian Due?


Listen up, Kim Kardashian fans. This July we will celebrate two SUPER important births: The birth of the United States (that's July 4 for those of you who don't know much about American history) and the birth of Baby Kimye... "America's baby." Just kidding, Kanye West — we know it's your baby, as you made abundantly clear in your recent New York Times interview (though if we learned anything in high school biology, we're pretty sure it's also half Kim's ).

That's right folks, pregnant reality queen Kim Kardashian is due to drop that baby in early July! In fact, if our math is right, Kim could even go into labor on Independence Day. How did we figure that out? Well the ultrasound where Kim found out the sex of the baby happened in mid February. At that appointment, Kim's doctor revealed she was 19 weeks along, which would place her due date near the first week of July. However, considering how tough Kim's pregnancy has been, the day she gives birth will probably be her own personal independence day, regardless of whether it falls on the fourth.

Kim revealed the sex of the baby — it's a girl! — on the June 2 premiere of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, and it sounds like both baby mama and baby daddy are totally stoked about it. No word yet on the name, but given how close her due date is to the most American of holidays, might we suggest Liberty West? We know it doesn't have a "K" or anything, but it has a nice ring to it.