Which Little Liar Was in 13 Going on 30?
Which Little Liar Was in 13 Going on 30?
Credit: Andrew Eccles/ ABC Family    

Pretty Little Liars

Which Little Liar Was in 13 Going on 30?


It seems that Ashley Benson has always had a habit of falling in with mean girls. As Hanna Marinon Pretty Little Liarsthe actress plays a character struggling to navigate her friendship with Ultimate Mean Girl, Alison DiLaurentis. But, in her very first film role, she’s hanging with a completely different hallways bully. Check out her turn in 13 Going on 30.

Can you spot a tiny Ashley in this scene from the 2004 film? We’ll give you a hint: she’s rocking short bangs and a green scrunchy like they’re going out of style (which, well, they kind of were).

If you guessed that she was the middle school girl standing to the right of Young Tom-Tom, then you would be right! She doesn’t have any lines in the scene, but she’s sporting some serious attitude as the group of gals manipulate Young Jenna into doing their homework. Not cool, ladies. Not cool.

If you’re wondering why Young Jenna looks so familiar, then you might be a fan of Revenge. Christa B. Allen, aka Revenge’s Charlotte, plays the younger version of Jennifer Garner’s main character. Talk about a cast of future stars! Well done, 13 Going on 30 casting agent.