Who Almost Played Emma Swan Instead of Jennifer Morrison?
Who Almost Played Emma Swan Instead of Jennifer Morrison?
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Once Upon a Time

Who Almost Played Emma Swan Instead of Jennifer Morrison?


We’ve grown extremely fond of Jennifer Morrison over the past three seasons of Once Upon a Time. We love her portrayal of Emma Swan — our favorite bondswoman-turned-savior. Though this girl has admittedly had a rough past, it’s her spunk and willingness to help anyone and everyone she comes across — especially her newfound family — that we admire. But who almost played Emma instead of Jennifer?

Wetpaint Entertainment asked Viggle users that exact question during the March 16 episode of Once Upon a TimeSeason 3, Episode 13 (“Witch Hunt”) — and the results are in.

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A whopping 59 percent of Viggle users thought that Lost alumna Evangeline Lilly was the first choice for the lead role — but surprisingly enough, the answer was Battlestar Galactica star Katee Sackhoff, who garnered 23 percent of the vote. Only 18 percent of people thought that Firefly star Summer Glau almost nabbed the gig.

Katee auditioned for the role of Emma Swan a total of five times. It hurts our heart to even think about Jennifer not starring on OUAT, but we have to admit that either of these talented ladies would have done an excellent job.

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