Who\'s the Hottest Woman on The Walking Dead? (Poll Closed!)
Who’s the Hottest Woman on The Walking Dead? (Poll Closed!)
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Who’s the Hottest Woman on The Walking Dead? (Poll Closed!)


UPDATE: It's June 6 and the poll is now closed. Thank you to all the passionate — SO passionate! — fans who voted. We're not going to announce an "official" winner or anything, because this poll was much more disputed than the hottest guy poll. Apparently people don't care as much about the hot guys? This poll had some spiking issues that added about 30,000 extra votes, so we had to block repeat voters by cookie and IP address. That deleted a lot of extra votes, but at this point it's hard to really trust the results.

Plus, any "winner" at this point would just feed the shipping feud. This was just meant to be a light, fun poll — the stakes couldn't be lower, the characters don't even get a T-shirt if they win! — and unfortunately it seems to have only fueled the Beth vs. Carol war, which has gotten pretty negative. It's sad, since the characters of Beth and Carol have nothing against each other, and the anger just seems be tied to who fans want to be paired with Daryl Dixon. Never let a man come between sister soldiers! Daryl has special connections with both Beth and Carol (and Rick) and it's a shame those connections have turned fans against the characters in an opposing 'ship. Why can't we love Carol and Beth, on their own and as Friends of Daryl?

Anyway, all of the TWD women are beautiful, and congrats to the stars for eliciting such a big reaction from viewers. You are loved, ladies!

Original story:

If we've learned nothing else from The Walking Dead, it’s that the zombie apocalypse favors survival of the hottest. So many characters on this show are only getting more attractive with time — which you wouldn’t think would happen when they’re starving and dirty and probably smell, but … no complaints.

We recently issued a poll asking about the hottest guy on The Walking Dead. After three weeks of voting, the results of that poll are in. So now we’re doing the same thing for the women of The Walking Dead. They’re all beautiful in their own special ways, but which woman stands out most to you and why?

Are you drawn to Maggie Greene (Lauren Cohan), the farmer’s daughter who loves her man so much she’ll use walker blood to leave signs for him? What about Beth Greene (Emily Kinney), the angelic singer who’s good with kids, great with rednecks, and just wanted a good drink before she was kidnapped the end?

How about Tara (Alanna Masterson) and Rosita Espinosa (Christian Serratos), two of our newcomers, who are both stunning in different ways? Rosita is so sexy even the characters on screen can’t stop staring at her, but Tara’s good heart, wicked humor, and loyalty are attractive too. What about Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green)? Tyreese’s sassy sister has better aim than him, and she’s already stolen Bob’s heart. Or maybe you’ll go with the Crazy Cheese katana queen, Michonne (Danai Gurira)? What’s hotter than a witty woman with a fierce death stare, a sick body, and a weapon she wields with expertise?

What about our girl Carol Peletier (Melissa McBride)? She’s not the same woman she was back in Season 1 (when she missed her vibrator, ‘memba that?). She’s now confident, independent, and a strong leader, but also still flawed and vulnerable. She’s human, and she’s gorgeous — yes, even with "the short hair," Axel.

Since we included some of the departed in our hottest guy poll (you did pretty well, The Governor and Shane, congrats!) we’ll do the same in this poll. So you still have a chance, Andrea and Lori.

Now it’s time to vote. Who is the hottest woman on TWD, and why did you pick this particular lady? (Note: We'll close this poll on Friday, June 6.)

They're all beautiful, I can't pick one

I know who I'm picking!

The Walking Dead Season 5 premieres in October on AMC.