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CeCe Drake Is “A” on ‘Pretty Little Liars’


We've been waiting for over three seasons to find out who Big "A" AKA Charles DiLaurentis really is on Pretty Little Liars. Tonight, August 11, we finally got our answer during the Season 6 summer finale ("Game Over, Charles"). It's CeCe Drake (Vanessa Ray).

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Her story turned out to have a tragic edge. Yes, CeCe did almost drown Ali as a kid, but it was an accident, a childish mistake. She thinks Mr. D used it as an excuse to get her locked away because he disapproved of the fact that she liked to dress up in girls' clothing.

In Radley, CeCe, then still going by Charles and presenting as a boy, befriended Bethany Young. One day, they were out on the roof, CeCe in a dress, when Toby's mom came out. Bethany, who had rage issues, pushed her off, and then blamed CeCe; Mrs. D payed Wilden off to cover it up.

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Eventually, Charles "died" and we re-born as Cece (that's what the grave was for, Charles' metaphorical death, though Mrs. D also used it to trick Mr. D into thinking their child was dead-dead, because she knew he would never accept CeCe for who she is).

Down the line, CeCe got permission to leave Radley at times to attend classes at UPenn, but instead she started dating Jason (she claims they never did anything, but still, ew) and befriended Ali so she could be closer to her family. That's how she ended up spending that summer with them.

Things went south (or, more south) for CeCe the night Bethany was killed.

You see, Bethany, who was not allowed to leave Radley, used CeCe's clothing (which included the same shirt Ali was wearing) to pose as CeCe, as CeCedid have permission to leave the institution. She was going to attack Mrs. D for having an affair with Bethany's mom. CeCe went after her, but ended up hitting Ali by accident, something Mrs. D never really forgave her for.

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CeCe was sent back to Radley and had all her privileges revoked, but when Mona ended up in the institution she was inspired to take over the "A" game. The rest, as they say, is history.

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