Who Is Charles Esten? 5 Things to Know About the Nashville Star!
Who Is Charles Esten? 5 Things to Know About the Nashville Star!
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Who Is Charles Esten? 5 Things to Know About the Nashville Star!


Before Charles Esten Puskar III (yep, that’s his actual name) was making us swoon every week on Nashville as country music icon Deacon Claybourne, Charles — known by his nickname “Chip” — was a regular on ABC’s Whose Line Is it Anyway? where he put his comedic chops to the test.

In fact, while taking a look at Charles’s career and personal life, we’re overwhelmed by just how epic his life has been. In efforts to help you get to know your favorite Nashville star a little better, check out these five interesting facts that you probably didn’t know!

1. He’s off the market! That’s right, ladies. If you were holding out hope that this Pennsylvanian cutie will sweep you off your feet, keep on dreaming! Charles got married to Patty Hanson way back in 1991 and they have three children together: Chase, Addie, and Taylor Puscar. You’ll have to get your sexy guitar player fix elsewhere, unfortunately.

2. He’s a frat bro. While attending William & Mary, from which he graduated in 1987, Charles was involved in his university’s Theta Delta Chi chapter. Deacon doesn’t strike us as the fratty type, but we do know that he can do a keg stand. (Too soon?)

3. He’s won big on game shows! According to his IMDB page, Charles was on a few episodes of Sale of the Century in 1988. And while it might not be a ton of money to a successful actor, to a recent college grad, the more than $20,000 in cash and prizes he won must have seemed like hitting the lottery.

4. He’s not a newcomer to TV. Charles has been appearing on TV since his game show beginning in 1988, to varying degrees. Some highlights include: 21 episodes of The Crew, 7 episodes on Party of Five and The Office, 11 episodes of Big Love, and 6 episodes of the phenomenal HBO series Enlightened. While Deacon is the definition of blue collar, Charles’s character on Enlightened was a white-collar exec.

5. He’s a legend to motorcycle enthusiasts. Before using his pipes to wow us on Nashville, Charles voiced a 10-minute instructional video, Riding Straight, for motorcycle safety produced by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation. It’s glorious and we’ve provided it below for your enjoyment. We wonder if bikers have written any fan-fiction about Charles — not that would be epic.

Catch Charles as Deacon on Nashville when it airs Wednesday nights at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.

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