Who Is Glee\'s Blake Jenner?
Who Is Glee’s Blake Jenner?
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Who Is Glee’s Blake Jenner?


Name: Blake Jenner
Date of Birth: August 27, 1992
Twitter: @Blake_Jenner
Website: BlakeJenner.com

Winner of The Glee Project, Blake was universally regarded as the most attractive guy in the competition — both by the judges and his competitors! More than just a pretty face, however, he was the strongest of the bunch almost every week, and it was a surprise to few when he landed the grand prize: a seven-episode story arc on Glee. Blake plays Ryder Lynn, a jock at McKinley who struggles with dyslexia.

Hailing from Miami, Florida, the 20-year-old actor moved across the country to Los Angeles, in hopes of being able to make all his acting dreams come true. Before The Glee Project, he booked a one-episode stint on ABC Family’s Melissa and Joey, playing delightfully dumb (but superhot) jock Miller Collins. Between acting gigs, Blake made ends meet working part-time as a parrot salesman. He has studied acting and improv since he was a child and credits Jim Carrey as one of his earliest inspirations. Though he loves to sing, Blake has never had an actual singing lesson — something we find pretty hard to believe, considering how stellar his voice sounds.

Oh, and the best part? He knows both how to play the drums... and how to juggle. Note to Ryan Murphy: please find a way to work that into the script! Also, the parrots.

Source: Entertainment Weekly, BlakeJenner.com

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Blake Jenner from Leigh Parker on Vimeo.