Chris Bukowski Shares Real Reason He and Elise Mosca Broke Up!
Chris Bukowski Shares Real Reason He and Elise Mosca Broke Up!
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Bachelor in Paradise

Chris Bukowski Shares Real Reason He and Elise Mosca Broke Up!


When Elise Mosca told Chris Bukowski that he “would be very blessed for being so sweet” on Episode 3 of Bachelor in Paradise, pretty much every guy in the nation wink, wink, nudge, nudged each other and gave Chris an air five. The blonde bombshell made it clear she likes to “take care of her man,” which is something Chris made clear he’s OK with being on the receiving end of. So when they left Paradise together after Chris’s injury, we wondered if these two crazy kids may just be a match made in heaven.

Alas, their love didn’t last and they broke up just a short month after touching back down stateside — despite her pretty much immediately meeting his parents. So where’d the romance go?

In an interview with Cupid’s Pulse, the heartbreaker reveals: “I broke it off because we were at two very different points in our lives.” Translation, she’s at the part in her life where one date means marriage and he’s at a point where the best part of marriage is the bachelor party.

He goes on to explain, “I wasn’t confident that Elise was the right girl for me and didn’t want to lead her on to believe anything different.” We’re pretty sure Chris could just smile at her crooked and she’d believe she was the right girl for him, so we’re glad he cut things short before she got too into naming their children.

While viewers have largely dubbed Elise a cray cray clinger, Chris defends her despite their breakup. “It’s tough for me to hear people say she’s crazy when she’s only crazy about falling in love...She’s very caring and will make someone very lucky one day.” We gotta say, we’re kind of becoming crazy about Chris — he’s turning out to be a pretty sweet guy.

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Source: Cupid’s Pulse