Why Is Kim Richards\'s Daughter Named Kim?
Why Is Kim Richards’s Daughter Named Kim?
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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Why Is Kim Richards’s Daughter Named Kim?


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kim Richards is very close to her children but how did she choose their names?

Viewers got to see Kim preparing salad to celebrate her youngest daughter, then-16-year-old Kimberly, heading off to her prom on a Season 3 episode.

This scene prompted some viewers to wonder why Kim chose the name "Kimberly" for her daughter.

Why Is Kim Richards’s Daughter Named Kim?
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The name choice is especially interesting given that Kimberly is Kim's youngest of her four children. Often, a parents' oldest son will be named after the father.

Kimberly was born in 1995 and is Kim's only child with aircraft-parts supplier John Jackson, whom Kim never married.

Kim had her oldest daughter, Brooke, during her first marriage to supermarket-franchise heir G. Monty Brinson. She gave birth to Whitney and Chad while married to second husband Gregg Davis, the son of an oil tycoon.

Kim's second divorce has left Kim more than comfortable with money. According to their divorce settlement, Kim receives $23,000 a month for the rest of her life or until she remarries. Nice!

As for the specifics behind Kim's choice of the name "Kimberly," she has never really explained why she and John chose her own name for her daughter. But we think it's a great name, and it's sweet that the two ladies have it in common.

And by the way, since Kim has told us that she's an Arabian horse, does that mean Kimberly is half Arabian horse? Just checkin'.

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