Peter Kraus on Why He’s Not the ‘Bachelor’ 2018 Star — and If He Will Be Next Year
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The Bachelor

Peter Kraus on Why He’s Not the ‘Bachelor’ 2018 Star — and If He Will Be Next Year


It’s about time Peter Kraus had his turn to speak!

Since Arie Luyendyk Jr. was announced as the next Bachelor 2018 star over the long-held fan favorite, it seems like everyone has said their piece on the matter — except him.

Now, the former male model is sharing his side in the Season 22 casting process, and opening up about whether we’ll see him on the show in the future.

Up until today, the most we’d heard from Peter was through his thinly-veiled social media posts, hinting he “had regrets” about how things worked out.

#tbt to the most incredible journey of this life time that has now officially come to an end today. As I sit here writing this, I struggle to hold back the tears as I am overcome with emotion one last time. First and foremost.. Rachel, there are so very many things that I've wished I could say to you since the day we parted ways in Spain, but for everyone's sake, I'll keep it short... You gave me a chance and all that I can say is thank you. I have a heart filled with love for you now and always and wish you nothing but the best in your life and love ahead. ABC, you saw something in me, but something held me back. You treated me with such love and kindness and showed me glimpses of a life I never once dreamed that I could have. I will be forever humbled and grateful and will always look back at these last 6 months with an ear to ear smile, knowing that this has truly been a very special life indeed. Upon leaving the @bacheloretteabc I was asked, "what did you learn about yourself during this process?" And at the time I naively said "nothing that I can think of." Now... looking back... I realize I learned one of the single greatest teachings of my life; When you let uncertainty or fear guide your decisions, you risk missing out on what could potentially be the greatest opportunity of a life time. So live dangerously, live without the fear of the unknown, and continue to live and love with a heart that is truly open to anything. #thankyou #lovealways

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However, producer Robert Mills did give us some consolation when he said there’s hope for him yet as a Season 23 or Season 24 lead.

“I think we'll always be in touch with Peter, and there might be a time... It might be a year from now, when it's better for him,” he teased.

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Rob concluded, “It was all about timing.”

That’s a fact the 31-year-old confirmed in his first post-decision interview.

“It was such an emotional roller coaster. I didn't feel like I had enough time to process the season and After the Final Rose, and where I was at in my own life at the time,” he tells

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“I needed more time for clarity. I'm the type of person who needs maybe too much time to process things when it comes to life and love.”

And while some reports claimed that Arie was chosen over the business owner, it sounds more like he turned the role down.

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"The conversations that [producers, ABC executives and I] had [about being the Bachelor] were never specific to 'Yes or no?' It was more, 'Are you ready?' and me saying I was not," the Wisconsin native shares.

He continues, “It was a mutual respect for where each other was at, what I know they need from a Bachelor, and what I know I was ready to give at the time of those talks.”

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Ultimately, they saw that it wasn’t working out, and they cordially decided to go “in different directions.”

While he was still “processing” all of the emotions that lingered from Rachel Lindsay’s season, he also admits to being “afraid of what other people would think,” which had a huge hand in his decision.

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“Fear came from other people's opinions, which I don't know if I should guide my life on that, but I do take what people say very personally," he explains.

He adds, “I'm constantly reading how awful I am for even considering being the Bachelor.

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“I was afraid of what people would say. I was afraid of what people would think, and I was afraid of not being able to live up to the amazing standards that are the lead of that position.”

He’s working on overcoming that fear, maybe in the hopes that it will work out for Season 23 or 24.

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“If the offer were to come up in the future, I could see myself doing it. It seems like an amazing opportunity,” he teases.

If and when that happens, the Season 12 runner-up promises you’ll see the “very lighthearted” and “fun” side of himself that we weren’t able to see on Bachelorette.

“A lot of people say that I was very boring and cold on the show,” he notes.

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“When faced with these huge decisions that are based on the rest of your life, I take them very seriously.”

For now, the Worth Personal Training owner is OK with where he’s at — single with a thriving business and a supportive family.

As for his ex Rachel, he confesses he hasn’t spoken to her since their awkward After the Final Rose confrontation, but he has “no hard feelings.”

He rationalizes, “When it ended, it ended. I knew that she got engaged to Bryan [Abasolo] the very next day, and it crushed me.

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“I did not want to reach back out to that person, because I was still so truly invested in her, and I didn't want to continue to hurt myself, and I didn't want to cause any trouble in their relationship — not that it would have.”

His final message for the Bachelorette now?

“‘Thank you, you're amazing,'” he reveals, “and it would end there.”

The Bachelor Season 22 premieres in early 2018 on ABC.