\'Winds of Winter\' Release Date: 3 Proofs It’s Coming Out in 2016
George R. R. Martin at Premiere Of HBO’s “Game Of Thrones” Season 3
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‘Winds of Winter’ Release Date: 3 Proofs It’s Coming Out in 2016


Game of Thrones has all but caught up with A Song of Ice and Fire books on which it was based, and most fans assume Season 6 will hit our small screens before the next book, The Winds of Winter, makes it to the shelves. But maybe we shouldn't give up hope so soon.

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In fact, there is mounting evidence Winds of Winter could get here before the next season — or, at the very least, sometime in 2016. Here's what we know:

George R. R. Martin has hope. Last April, series writer George R. R. Martin said it was "important" to him to get the sixth book out before the sixth season, and he seemed to think it was a doable feat. At the time we thought he was being wildly optimistic, but maybe he put the pedal to the medal and made it happen.

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One publisher says it's coming in 2016.
The Spanish language publisher of the book, Alejo Cuervo, reportedly said the book is "planned for next year." It's possible something was lost in translation, but that certainly sounds promising.

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A translator backs that up. Most recently, a Polish website, PIESN LODU I OGNIA (via The Independent), spoke to the Polish translator of the books, Michał Jakuszewski, who confirmed that he was asked to reserve time at the end of this year to translate Winds of Winter. Apparently Michal himself seems skeptical this timing will actually pan out, but it sure gives us hope!

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