Is Wren Kingston Back on \'Pretty Little Liars\'?
Julian Morris  Wren Kingston
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Pretty Little Liars

Is Wren Kingston Back on ‘Pretty Little Liars’?


Wren Kingston is one of the MIA Pretty Little Liars characters we'd most like to see back, ASAP. Not only is the mysterious Brit super cute, but we still have about a billion questions to ask him.

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Fortunately, actor Julian Morris has made it clear he's more than happy to return to the show that helped launch his career — and, like us, he's not entirely convinced his character is on the up and up!

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Despite being hard at work as a star on Amazon's new show Hand of God, Julian recently told MTV he's willing to make time for our fave teen murder mystery: "I’ve promised [showrunner] Marlene [King] that I will return at some point in the season to resolve my character ... As long as she’s still up for that, I will come back in some capacity."

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Julian wants to see some resolution in Wren's ambiguously romantic relationship with Spencer, but we're more interested in knowing if he ever had a hand in the "A" game. After all, before the big reveAl, Wren was one of our top suspects for a reason. He's so shady, he can't possibly just be a nice guy with a taste for slightly age-inappropriate women, right?