L&HH’s Yandy Smith on Fallout with Jim Jones: People Outgrow Each Other
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Yandy Smith

L&HH’s Yandy Smith on Fallout with Jim Jones: People Outgrow Each Other


While Yandy Smith and Jim Jones are no longer working together, the Love & Hip Hop star is woman enough to give the rapper credit when credit is due.

The mother of two is speaking out on her fallout with her former client and his longtime girlfriend, Chrissy Lampkin.


While chatting on TMZ’s Raq Rants, Yandy disappoints hostess Raquel when she reveals she still isn’t on speaking terms with Jim or Chrissy.


After being told they should try to reconcile things, the reality star insists her relationship with the couple has run its course.


“We definitely, definitely were like family but you know, people outgrow each other.


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“I think everybody has a time and a place in people’s lives and we made a lot of money together.”


She then goes into more detail, saying managing Jim was a huge step in her career, one that she’s still grateful for.


“Even though I was in the industry way before managing Jim, that was my s–t. That was my real foot and stamp on this business because I had to do that from ground zero by myself.


“So I learned a lot and definitely I will always appreciate all that I’ve learned, but it was time to move on.”


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She then addresses whether it was their show, L&HH, that caused the friction or if there were deeper issues between them off camera.


“I think it was a combination of things…the show added that extra level, because I’ve never had a problem with either of them.


“When you put cameras and opinions and people in the midst of things, definitely things get a little tricky.”


While Yandy’s taking the high road today, she certainly played petty during this behind-the-scenes clip from L&HH, where she takes shots at both Jim’s and Chrissy’s careers since leaving the show.


Do you think Yandy and the Joneses will ever get along again? Sound off below.